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Energy Management Online Summer Summit FREE | 12 June - 26 June 2023



The Energy Management Online Summer Summit: Why Energy Management Is the Secret to Having More Time!​


Featuring TWELVE experts, ready to share their tips on how to manage your energy and use ‘energy management’ to maximise your time, boost your productivity , and help you live a happier, healthier life!   


Why is this such an important topic? Because time management is not just about managing your time… it is also about managing your energy🔋⛽   We all want more time right? There never seems to be enough hours in the day! Whilst I can’t give you more time, I can help you gain more energy   

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👆 The incredible line up of guest speaker for you 👆

Often our time management issues aren’t actually because of time (or lack of time) but because of our energy. ⏳⚡ We procrastinate because we are tired, not because we have too much time. We lose our focus and get distracted because our focus is flagging. We want to go to the gym but don’t, because we haven’t got the energy. 


Attend the Energy Management Summer Summit to find out...

✨ Why time management is not just about managing time, but managing your energy too.

✨ How to turbocharge your time management to increase your productivity and get better results with energy management with various different strategies (so you can find the ones that work for YOU). 

✨ How to maximise your energy so you can get what you need done and still enjoy your life! 

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Creating a #lifebydesign doesn’t have to be so hard…

You just might need to add in some “energy management” principles and strategies!

Perhaps you’ve been working on your time management? You’re doing what the gurus usually tell you – you have a  to do list, you’re trying to set up a strong routine, you want to make time for your health and wellbeing, you are trying to get into planning…

… yet you still feel so busy, you’re getting to the end of the day and so knackered all you can do is flop on the sofa, and when you do want to switch off you feel too guilty to enjoy it!!!


👉 It’s time to take control of your energy management 


The Energy Management Online Summer Summit: Why Energy Management Is the Secret to Having More Time!

Alice Dartnell expert life coach and energy coach taking a break time off Monkey Republic Café Hotel in Kampot – wearing red dress stood on jungle steps

I know this time of year can be busy

Summer is here, the kids are going to be off school soon hopefully you’ve got some time off, maybe you’ve even got some tickets booked and a holiday to enjoy… It is going to be a busy season! 


I know it can be difficult to commit to a full day for a live summit, right?  

So, I’ve came up with the perfect thing for you…. 

I’ve brought together TWELVE incredible gusts and experts that I have the honour of calling clients, coaches and connections to share their secrets with you (and it is ALL totally free for you to access…  How fab is that?!) 

All you need to do is register your details below and you will have instant access to this not-to-be-missed “The Summer Summit: Why Energy Management is the Secret to Having More Time 

That’s it – No hassle, No commitment, No fees. Free and instant Access for monday 12 June - monday 26 June.

You are going to love the FREE content to help improve your time management by focusing on improving your energy management.  

So, grab a cuppa and settle in or throw on your earbuds as you’re walking out the door; You have access to both video and audio versions so you can choose which content style best fits your busy lifestyle.  

and this year we have made it bigger and better…. because you have two invitations… 

🎁 invitation one:

Live Masterclass with me! Monday 19 June @ 1pm (UK time). I will be explaining what “energy management is” and why time management is not just about managing time but your energy too! 

You’ll receive details on how to join when you register (before the webinar, otherwise catch the replay).


Live Q&A with the incredible guest experts! Monday 26 June @ 1pm (UK time). You’ll will have listened to their shares and expertise. Now is your chance to ask them your questions directly!  

You’ll receive details on how to join after you register.

Meet your host...

Hi  👋

I am a Life Coach, and my superpower and geeky love is around time management, energy management and productivity! 🦹🏼‍♀️

It is my mission to help busy people like you level up and create a life by design, not by default.  

As a former perfectionist, I was obsessed with using traditional time management techniques – planning every inch of my day, banishing distractions, being super productive 24/7, maximising every minute… but this eventually led to burnout in 2019. Trying to understand where she went wrong,  I discovered the importance of energy management within time management, which is often ignored.  

Hoping to help others learn from her mistakes, I love sharing what I have learnt with “energy management”.


I am here to show you how to live a life by design!

Alice x

Alice Dartnell expert life coach and energy coach taking a break time off Monkey Republic Café Hotel in Kampot – weraing red dress stood on jungle steps

Cee Fee Dunn

Cee Fee focuses on women’s weight loss. Although a fitness professional, she does not subscribe to diet culture and its insistence on chasing aesthetics over health. She has an issue with nonsense that is churned out on socials from unqualified “fitness influencers”, and works mindset into what she supports clients with too.  

Jamie Sleigh

Jamie is the Co-Owner of a multi-million pound IT Company which he started in lockdown.  As a past workaholic, perfectionist and serial people pleaser he used to struggle with managing his time and energy as it went on other people.  After working with Alice he is proud to say this is no longer the case!

Lorna Jayne

Lorna Jayne is an Energy Alignment Coach, Intuitive Healer, Reiki Master Teacher, Advanced Theta Practitioner and NLP Mindset Coach for Psychics, Healers and Entrepreneurs. Lorna helps women to feel safe in their feminine flow and feel confident to release control through intuitive connection and healing. 

Rachel Francis

Rachel mentors people on creating emotional independence and a strong emotional identity, through full force Energetics, Astrology and Mindset, to transform insecurity into confidence.

Sam Sadighi

Sam works with individuals and families to retrain their brains for sleep, using research and evidence-based techniques. She uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-i), teaching the skills you can use at any time should you feel like you’re slipping back into ‘bad’ habits with your sleep.  

Sam Buckland

Sam is currently a student health coach with Health Coaches Academy and is expecting to be fully qualified in 2023.

She supports clients manage new healthy habits and embed them into achieving a healthier and sustainable way of living, even with those managing a crazy work/life balance like she does.

Siobhan Mears

Online Business Manager and Business Owner.  

In 2018, following a successful 16 year career working for global corporates at board level in both London and the Middle East, Siobhan decided to launch The Mears Collective. Her key objective was to help female coaches and consultants build strong foundations on which to expand their business and operate from their zone of genius.   

Rowan Feilden-Cook

Rowan is a Personal Trainer, Mindset Coach, Founder of The SHE Collective. As a woman who sttuggles with time and motivation to exercise, she was determined in her role as a PT to develop an online membership that helped women to feel Strong Healthy and Empowered – hence the S.H.E. collective.

Alisha - energy management virtual summer summit

Alisha Jade Chaise

Alisha is a soul and self embodiment coach helping you to repair, reconnect, and reclaim your relationship with YOU.

Alisha helps people transition into the full expression of their authentic selves by exploring the blocks and challenges that prevent them from fully loving  and taking care of all their parts.


Kayleigh Greenacre

Kayleigh is a mindset and business coach supporting people with growing businesses and also people looking to develop a mindset for success. She is a mum to her daughter and a firm believer that anyone can achieve their goals and dreams by applying a growth mindset and creating the right energy. 

Amani Kaite - Energy Management Online Summer Summit Alice Dartnell

Amani Kaite

Amani Kaite is a 
Nutritional Therapist & Functional Medicine Practitioner. 
Specialised in gut health Amani is on a mission… “Through transforming your gut, I can help you improve your digestion, energy, weight, mood and productivity”

Heather Taylor

As a ‘Spiritual Life Mentor’ Heather is here to support you connect with yourself on a much higher vibration and to truly understand the magick you hold within.

Heather share’s her teachings from her own personal journey, through the magick of the moon cycles, the elements around you, all of which are energy and help you to create the life you wish to live and the people we wish to become.

Let’s face it

Those traditional time management techniques you learned are great but they don’t consider your energy. It is time for a tune-up! Come see for yourself how energy management can allow you to achieve more with less!  

P.S Worried this is just for business owners? While I do work with many busy entrepreneurs who want to invest the same into their own lives as they do their businesses, I also support those juggling it all by working the 9-5, being busy parents, or anyone looking to be a leader in their own life!  

Alice Dartnell expert life coach and energy coach taking a break time off Monkey Republic Café Hotel in Kampot – weraing red dress stood on jungle steps


You’re going to learn… 

  • How to use time more efficiently through energy management, because not all time is created equally.  
  • Practical tips to adapt, use, and turbo charge your energy management – especially when you don’t have full control (think: clients, kids, sleepless nights, ect.) 
  • How to fit everything in (work, healthy eating, exercise, social life, self-care…) and avoid the ‘crash and burn’ 

I know your busy, especially over the summer holiday, so this virtual summit allows you to access the content at your own leisure. Work at your own pace so you can fit in the material around your own summer schedule. You’ll receive the summit straight to your inbox and you can sit back, relax, and tune in at a time that suits you. Or if you’re like me, you can listen whilst you’re out on a walk or at the gym.  

I know in-person summits tend to drag on and you waste a lot of time in the ‘dead time’ going from talk to talk. But not this.  

The beauty of this is that it is all pre-recorded, giving you the absolute BEST of the speaker’s insights in their amazing interviews with ZERO FLUFF. Think of this as your all killer, no filler summit.  

And I won’t be offended if you are one of those people that like to listen on 1.25 speed (My own preferred speed whilst listening to any audio book in a hurry).  

This is for anyone who wants expert advice to support your time and energy management for FREE!  

  • This is for you if you want to increase results and productivity, while having more time to do what you want.  
  • This is for you if you are implementing time management practices without the results you would like to have, and know there must be something else! 
  • This is for you if you’re a busy business owner who loves your business but is seeking sustainability because you cannot (and don’t want to!) work 24/7.  

Still not sure? Have you have ever thought to yourself…?

“I am already following and implementing time management principles like planning and tuning off phone notification, bathing and bulking, prioritising… but something is still missing”  

“I am understanding the concepts of Energy Management and protecting my energy and working with it rather than against it… but HOW can I implement it?” 

“I don’t know what energy management is exactly, but I know I need it!  

“What is the difference between energy management and the traditional time management?” 

“I know I need to protect my energy, but how?” 

....then this is for you!

Take this FREE opportunity to gain access to expert advice that will be change your life for the better, long after that last summer tan fades. 


Simple. Just enter your name and email address. That’s it.  You keep an eye on your inbox and I’ll take care of the rest.