Energy Management Progamme

12-week live coaching

Energy Management Progamme

12-week live coaching

Bravo to you for clicking that link and doing something good for yourself today!

You’re giving your future self the opportunity to join a specially designed programme to help you maximise your time management through your energy management.  

This programme will allow you to unlock your potential by sharing the secrets to understanding and enhancing your energy management.   

If you want to improve your time management, increase your productivity, and reach your goals in business and your personal life (without burnout!) then this is for you!    




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Following “Energy Management” creates more freedom for you, so you can have more time to do the things you want!


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This programme is designed for anyone passionate about learning how to improve their time management through energy management 

If you’re a business owner or leader, or someone interested in creating a life by design (not by default) then this programme is definitely for you! 

Ask yourself… 

If you answered ‘yes’, this is the programme that will set the foundation for both short- AND long-term results.

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This programme is tailored made for you.  

It is not a one-size fits all approach. Instead, it has been created to empower you to break away from the traditional time management thinking that doesn’t always work, to think outside the ‘9-5’ box and to give you usable solutions to live life with more energy and flow.  

I am here to act as your guide, and this programme is a menu of ideas that are adaptable to work for your specific needs, rather than a strict rule book 

Throughout my experiences as an expert in this field, working with hundreds of people, I’ve witnessed countless positive results that occurred when we follow “energy management principles” over traditional time management techniques.  

I also know having access to a community who is supportive and provides accountability means you are more likely to follow through and see results.  

For that reason, this is a group coaching programme, giving you instant access to a community of individuals who are just as passionate and driven about maximising their time and energy and really levelling up their lives! This will help you feel less alone and provide with you support, as you learn and share together.  


This programme consists of several different topics, designed to efficiently set the foundation to energy management. Each module helps give you a deeper understanding and new perspective about how to manage your time, tasks, and day to day life, in order to reach optimal results.  

Because I have experienced burnout myself, I’ll help guide you with techniques and strategies to change your mindset and break away from those traditional methods that lead to the crash and burn, because they don’t address the real issue – our energy 

And I’m excited to announce that I’ve teamed up with several experts in their fields who are going to join us as guest speakers and share all their insider tips and tricks with you! This incredible opportunity will allow you to have multiple perspectives, giving you the chance to adapt what you learn to help you create a life by design, not by default.  

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Some of the topics include:

Recognition, Awareness, and Acceptance

Learn about the basic concepts of energy management and become more aware of your own energy and needs. This is about knowing your physical VS mental energy, and your energy drainers and fillers. PLUS it is not just about being mindful of what energy you take from yourself but other people too! (WARNING: This might require you to say NO!)

Lifestyle Management

Is your lifestyle setting you up for the life you want? Are things like your sleep, gut health and nutrition positively or negatively impacting? We can make small tweaks to optimise your energy! This is where our guest experts come in!

Managing the day to day

Find techniques and tools to use what works for you and not just the clock.

Protecting your energy

Life isn’t perfect and things are going to drain your energy (trust me, the last year I have gone through a divorce, moving house, relocating abroad and learning a new language, supporting my parent’s separation… all whilst building a business!) Life is not always easy but we can prepare you for the bumps so you can get through them with less stress and still preserve your energy!

Mental & Spiritual energy

For peak and long-lasting results, it’s not just the physical that’s important to look at through energy management! EVERYTHING is energy! Including you and your thoughts. Learn how to manage and protect your energy on every level.

Hormones & Your Body

Find out how your body is influencing your energy – and what you can do about it whatever stage of life you are in!

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Hi, I am Alice, your Life and Success Coach here to help you create a Life by Design, not by default!


Who is Alice?

Alice is known to be an expert in time management and productivity but doesn’t teach time management in the traditional sense – instead she focuses on importance of energy management and mindset as the way to improve your time management. Time management actually isn’t about managing time! In fact, it is about managing you, other people, your tasks and most importantly, your energy!

Alice’s self-confessed “geeky obsession” with time management came following her recovery and personal development journey following a decade long battle with severe depression, confidence issues and an eating disorder – vowing never to waste another minute ever again she become fascinated by time management.

However, a severe and unexpected burn out left her wondering how to incorporate wellbeing into time management, because despite being excellent at time management, she still burnt out – this led her on a path to creating “energy management” as the solution to traditional time management.

Alice runs her international coaching business online and is based in Valencia and London. She works with individuals on a 121 basis as well as through programmes and courses, as well as delivering training to organisations.

Alice is also the founder of “Success Box” a personal development book club, which is a place to inspire action, growth and success through personal development books.

When she isn’t helping others through the business, her passions include travelling, learning Japanese and Spanish, fitness, reading, art and enjoying a cheeky cocktail or two.