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Alice Dartnell -life coach - time management online self-study course "Transform your Time"

This self-study, self-paced online course is THE learning experience for busy people who want to improve their time management.

Are you still struggling with your time management?

⏰  You’re still struggling with your time management, even though you feel that you are using the “right” techniques, such as to do lists, planning, trying to do the most urgent work first thing…

💻 You’ve watched those motivational videos from coaches on things like time blocking, the morning routine, self care, and thought “ Yes! I’m going to start doing that”... but haven’t quite nailed it…

🤯 You’re trying to be organised and in control of your diary, but being bit of a people-pleaser,  you struggle to say no, take on too much so easily become overwhelmed, and you find that you are always pushed to the bottom of the to-do list…

📝 The perfectionist in you means you end up spending too much time on one task trying to get it ‘perfect’ to the detriment of another! Or you don’t know where to start or wait until it is ‘perfect’ to make a start, so you don’t… 

🐓 You’re constantly running around like a headless chicken – it makes you feel rushed, stressed, frazzled, snappy, frustrated, exhausted, and overwhelmed…


And I have the answer!  (Spoiler alert ⚠️  It’s THIS game-changing time management course!)

Alice Dartnell online time management course - Transform your time - self study



It is not your fault by the way .

We are living in a new world, with modern technology, 24/7 living, the constant pressure to keep up, social media bombardment, the constant ping of your phone, worldwide connections etc.

We have to adapt our time management to reflect this and most of the old school time management techniques we have heard of are not working for us!


This is where this course is soooo different! This is not just about ol’ school theories and me throwing a load of ‘hacks’ and tips at you! This is about your time management transformation! 

Yes, there will be quick wins, learnings and improvements that you can use immediately but most importantly you will experience a life-long change!


This is also about your transformation in how you approach and use your time – including mindset shifts, raising your self-awareness, positively improving your relationship with time, and maximising how you use your time in way that serves you and your lifestyle, goals and values!



30 game-changing modules for your time management.

Bite-sized modules (15-20 minutes or less) to fit into your busy schedule.

15+ extra resources to accompany the modules + 10 bonus material including workbooks, cheat sheets, templates, tips, etc

Time management is the key to setting yourself up for success, productivity and creating a 'Life by Design'.

Alice Dartnell - life coach - online time management
Alice Dartnell - life coach - online time management

It is time to STOP trying all the different time management theories that aren’t working for you, and START learning the FOUNDATIONS, the right approaches and TECHNIQUES that work in a real day-to-day busy life!!!

*UK & US pricing available*

Inside this course you’ll learn to:


Break free from the traditional techniques that aren’t working:

We go beyond the traditional approaches and provide you with proven strategies that work in the real world and personally for you. Say goodbye to endless to-do lists and hello to productivity by implementing practical systems!


Let go of people-pleasing:

Learn powerful techniques so “time guilt” and people-pleasing is a thing of the past: set empowering boundaries, become a pro at prioritising tasks, and people there for others without draining your energy!

Overcome the overwhelm:

Escape the ‘headless chicken syndrome’ and bid farewell to the frantic rush. Be more in control and embrace a calmer, more composed approach to your daily life. This course will show you how to optimise your time, day and routines to manage your time effectively and eliminate stress.

Conquer perfectionism:

This course helps you strike the balance between striving for excellence (because I know you want to be and give your best) and getting things done efficiently without the perfectionism or time wasting and stress is also brings!

Beat your procrastination:

Mastering your time management skills will mean gaining clarity on where to start, how to take action, and overcome analysis paralysis. You’ll develop a focused mindset that keeps you on track and saying goodbye to procrastination.

Regain control:

Banish the frustration by discovering practical techniques to handle everything life throws at you, including those unexpected challenges (because let’s be honest), they happen! 

Make time for what truly matters:

Unlock the freedom to pursue your passions, hobbies, and personal goals. Yes, life doesn’t have to be all work, responsibilities and to-do lists! This course empowers you to learn how to make the time for the things that matter and you value, like time with friends and family, your health and wellbeing, and me time!


You’ll learn how to create a schedule that accommodates both your professional commitments and the things you genuinely want to do, so you can live a fulfilling life

Total value of the course for the content and modules is worth over £1,850 but your investment is just £197!

Grab YOUR seat on the course for £197 today!

*UK & US pricing available*


My signature method for exposing the ‘leaks’ in your time and the bad habits that lock them in place.

What time management really is with my signature ‘Triangle of Time Management’ method.

My coveted ‘Five Laws That Influence Time Management’ so you can understand how time ‘works’ and make it work in your favour for ultimate productivity.

The deep-rooted negative relationship we have with time - that causes us to people please, boundary over-step and allow burn out to enter the chat.

Amazing results in a self-study course that works for you! Here are some of the modules...

✋🏻My signature theory of “The Triangle of Time Management” showing you a better way to approach your time 

✋🏻A time management audit to lift the lid on what is not working for you

✋🏻Improving your time management mindset 

✋🏻My signature theory of “The 5 Laws the Govern Time Management” 

✋🏻How to finally beat your procrastination 

✋🏻How to stop wasting time on your phone and social media 

✋🏻My signature theory of “RoT” (Return of Time”), what it is and how to create it 

✋🏻Planning like a pro

✋🏻How to maintain focus throughout the day 

✋🏻Expert tips for reducing the overwhelm 

✋🏻The secrets to prioritising 

✋🏻How to be productive 

✋🏻Why routine will ruin your time management 

ALL THIS VALUE FOR JUST £197! This is the course for the person who wants to maximise their time, feel organised and be more productive... and wants the tools to make their time management actions work for them.

I created this for a past version of me... because I was just like you!

📝 I had a very different relationship and approach to my time management in the past…

The old Alice was a perfectionist and people pleaser (never a good combo 😥), so I would take on everything, playing superwoman. In my attempt to maximise life, I compromised me –my health, wellbeing, mental and physical health and I definitely was unnecessarily anxious, snappy and ratty with the people around me. 😡

I felt guilty if I wasn’t doing something –I had this desperation to be productive all the time –which meant slowing down, chilling or resting wasn’t something I did. I even sacrificed my sleep in a bid to get more hours in the day. 🥱 I was always multi-tasking and bounding from one thing to another, my mind was scattered and I literally ran 🏃🏻‍♀️ from one meeting to another at work and in my personal life. I didn’t even watch TV 📺 because I claimed “I didn’t have time for that”.

On the outside it looked like I was shit hot at time management –I was methodical, planned ahead, meal prepped, always met deadlines, was the person in charge of organising everything, was on time for meetings, and I even had time to go to the gym! 🏋🏻‍♀️

But inside, it was chaotic. I was anxious, felt like I had to be productive all the time, was always ‘on’ and couldn’t switch off…😵‍💫 I inevitably burnt out in 2019 in my early 30s.

🔍 This is why I am on a mission to help empower you with your time management –but not in the traditional sense of just managing tasks and doing more. But managing you, achieving your goals and creating the life you want.

And this is why this 💻 online course is so much more than a standard course to manage your time -this is about learning to manage your lifestyle, mindset and well being to create a “life by design”… all in bite-sized modules that are 15 minutes or less so that you can fit it into your busy life!

*UK & US pricing available*


Just £197 (which is a bargain for all the content inside!

And you get lifetime access to my VIP Membership Club (hosted in a private Facebook group) for additional resources and support

The course is hosted on Kajabi AND there is a money back guarantee! 

How is this course different from all the others?

Let’s be honest we have all done it. Bought that course with good intentions, like really good intentions... and then let it fester in our inboxes. I know because I have done it myself, but also because this is exactly what you told me was your issue with online courses in the market research!

So this course is different!

Attention Grabbing

There are a range of different video styles and content to make it super interesting and keep your attention.

Short, Sweet, & Doable

It is broken down into bite-sized modules (no more than 15 - 20 minutes) so that you can fit the learning into your busy life.

Practical & Personalised

All the theory and strategies are super practical and I guide you how to make it work for you!

Client Success Stories

Sarah | Founder

I joined Alice’s course to challenge my mindset, improve my productivity and build healthier habits. Time is an area I’ve constantly struggled with, so I couldn’t believe what a positive experience this was – the content was delivered with such passion and enthusiasm, I felt invigorated and compelled to take action! I have loved every minute of it and felt supported every step of the way.

Beth | Founder

Alice really knows her stuff when it comes to time management. She uses fantastic examples that puts the theory into context and explains things in a way that’s very easy to understand. I noticed a difference in my way of working and a dramatic difference in my productivity levels after our first call. I’ve now found a system and routine that works for me and am constantly on top of my work. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to increase their productivity and time management.