"Transform your Time: The Foundations to Time Management"
Self-Study Course



This is currently NOT available publicly BUT you can purchase this today exclusively for only £248.50!!! 

This is THE time management course for busy professionals that don’t have time to learn about time management! All modules are broken down into bite-sized content that is easy-to-digest, learn and implement which you can do at your own pace so it fits within your busy life!

Combining the best of theory and coaching will help you learn AND implement the techniques that will work for YOU for life-long skills and results! Learn the tools, techniques and frameworks that are going to be a game changer to your time management!

The course is hosted on the well-loved and professional online course platform ‘Kajabi’.

In this course you’ll uncover the secrets to the time management foundations!

I see you... I know who you are!

⏰ Maybe you’ve played with time blocking and planning.

💻 You’ve watched those #morningroutine videos saying “I’m going to start doing that…”

🤯 You’re trying to be organised but you’re just moving your to-do list around

       (and taking far too much time to do it!).

SPOILER ALERT: I know you’re not doing ‘it’…

Time management is the key to setting yourself up for success, energy, and productivity.

 Without strong time management habits, you can…

Easily fall victim to procrastination.

Become overwhelmed.

Constantly feel like you’re living your life on a hamster wheel.

And this is where this course “Transform your Time” comes in to help you…


This self-paced, self-study course made up of short, easy to implement, bite-sized modules is for you if...

📝 You’ve tried to be organised, productive and efficient with your time… but it hasn’t really stuck.

🙏🏻 You know that positive time management habits like daily planning, setting intentions and a morning routine would be so beneficial… but you don’t have time to learn or implement that!

⏰ You find yourself saying things like “there’s just not enough hours in the day” or “I don’t have time for…”

😠 You sometimes feel flustered and snappy because there is just too much to do and not enough hours in the day for it.

🗓 You do your best to manage it all but feel like your time and days are pressured, and you don’t have enough down time in the week.

😥 You’re easily side tracked with interruptions & distractions, so the day evaporates (and this often means then having to work late or longer than you could have!).

It’s like I read your mind… isn’t it?

This is the course for the person who wants to maximise their time, feel organised and be more productive... and wants the tools to make their time management actions work for them.

*UK & US pricing available*

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30 game-changing modules for your time management.

Bite-sized modules (15-20 minutes or less) to fit into your busy schedule.

Bonus material including work booklets and resources to dive deeper.

Amazing results in a self-study course that works for you!

✋🏻Are you fed up with always feeling busy and rushing around, without the results or productivity?

✋🏻Do you feel like you spend as much time planning for time management, as you actually spend managing your time?

✋🏻Maybe you wish you had more free time and balance?

✋🏻Perhaps you have a million things to do… but can’t seem to get started?

✋🏻Do you put unnecessary “time pressure” and guilt on yourself?

✋🏻Do you desire to be more productive but lack the follow through (oh, hello procrastination!)?

It is time to STOP swinging from being totally manic in the name of productivity… to then hitting the crash ‘n’ burn!!!

It is time to STOP trying all the different time management theories that aren’t working for you, and START learning the FOUNDATIONS, the right approaches and TECHNIQUES that work in a real day-to-day busy life!!!

*UK & US pricing available*


"Transform Your Time"

Alice Dartnell - online time management self-study self-paced course

It’s time to…

Unlock more time.

Unlock more productivity.

Unlock more energy.

And get your sh*t done in an organised and productive way!

Inside this course you’ll learn to:


Manage your priorities better (so even if you do run out of time, you don’t sweat it, as you know what to do in what order)


Streamline the brain dump of tasks and get them down in some sort of order, so it’s easier to start ticking everything off


Condense the ‘must-do’s and manic-ness into manageable chunks to eradicate overwhelm


Protect your precious ‘me time’ to do the things that you need to nourish you (because you know you can’t pour from an empty cup but you struggle to find the time to fill that cup!)


Release the guilt of not doing enough/ being productive enough/ taking time off

Grab a seat at the online school exclusively for you, for just £248.50!!!



*UK & US pricing available*


My signature method for exposing the ‘leaks’ in your time and the bad habits that lock them in place.

What time management really is with my signature ‘Triangle of Time Management’ method.

My coveted ‘Five Laws That Influence Time Management’ so you can understand how time ‘works’ and make it work in your favour for ultimate productivity.

The deep-rooted negative relationship we have with time - that causes us to people please, boundary over-step and allow burn out to enter the chat.

I created this for a past version of me... because I was just like you!

Alice Dartnell time management expert - self study course

📝 Before becoming an expert in time management and energy management, coaching and training people and organisations all over the world, I had a very different relationship and approach to my time management.

The old Alice was a perfectionist and people pleaser (never a good combo 😥), so I would take on everything, playing superwoman. In my attempt to maximise life, I compromised me –my health, wellbeing, mental and physical health and I definitely was unnecessarily anxious, snappy and ratty with the people around me. 😡

I felt guilty if I wasn’t doing something –I had this desperation to be productive all the time –which meant slowing down, chilling or resting wasn’t something I did. I even sacrificed my sleep in a bid to get more hours in the day. 🥱 I was always multi-tasking and bounding from one thing to another, my mind was scattered and I literally ran 🏃🏻‍♀️ from one meeting to another at work and in my personal life. I didn’t even watch TV 📺 because I claimed “I didn’t have time for that”.

On the outside it looked like I was shit hot at time management –I was methodical, planned ahead, meal prepped, always met deadlines, was the person in charge of organising everything, was on time for meetings, and I even had time to go to the gym! 🏋🏻‍♀️

But inside, it was chaotic. I was anxious, felt like I had to be productive all the time, was always ‘on’ and couldn’t switch off…😵‍💫 I inevitably burnt out in 2019 in my early 30s.

🔍 This is why I am on a mission to help empower you with your time management –but not in the traditional sense of just managing tasks and doing more. But managing you, achieving your goals and creating the life you want.

And this is why this 💻 online course is so much more than a standard course to manage your time -this is about learning to manage your lifestyle, mindset and well being to create a “life by design”… all in bite-sized modules that are 15 minutes or less so that you can fit it into your busy life!

*UK & US pricing available*


Just £248.50

And you get access to a private Facebook group for additional resources and support

The course is hosted on Kajabi AND there is a money back guarantee! 

How is this course different from all the others?

Let’s be honest we have all done it. Bought that course with good intentions, like really good intentions... and then let it fester in our inboxes. I know because I have done it myself, but also because this is exactly what you told me was your issue with online courses in the market research!

So this course is different!

Attention Grabbing

There is a range of different video styles and content to make it super interesting and keep your attention.

Short, Sweet, & Doable

It is broken down into bite-sized modules (no more than 15 minutes) so that you can fit the learning into your busy life (like even waiting for the kettle to boil.

With Bonuses if You Want

It is easy to follow but jam packed with value... and the bonus material is there only IF you want more on a certain topic.

*UK & US pricing available*

Client Success Stories

Sarah | Founder

I joined Alice’s course to challenge my mindset, improve my productivity and build healthier habits. Time is an area I’ve constantly struggled with, so I couldn’t believe what a positive experience this was – the content was delivered with such passion and enthusiasm, I felt invigorated and compelled to take action! I have loved every minute of it and felt supported every step of the way.

Beth | Founder

Alice really knows her stuff when it comes to time management. She uses fantastic examples that puts the theory into context and explains things in a way that’s very easy to understand. I noticed a difference in my way of working and a dramatic difference in my productivity levels after our first call. I’ve now found a system and routine that works for me and am constantly on top of my work. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to increase their productivity and time management.