The Online Self-Study Time Management Course!

This value-packed, online self-study course will teach you the foundations of time management and give you everything you need to live a #lifebydesign (not by default!). 

Time management is the key to setting ourselves up for success, energy, and productivity.

 Without strong time management habits, you can…

Easily fall victim to procrastination

Become overwhelmed

Constantly feel like you’re living your life on a hamster wheel.

Amazing results in a self-study program that works for you!

This Time Management Course has been delivered live with amazing results. Now, you have the chance to access this life-changing, epic content in a way that works for you in a self-study format with me as your expert and coach. Consume this powerful content in bite-sized chunks so you can learn in your own time and fit it into your busy life. 


This Online Self-Study Time Management Course will be launching in mid-January 2023!

So be sure to jump on the waitlist so you can be the first to know and claim your spot! I can’t wait to see you on the inside!

Meet the Expert

Hi, it’s me, Alice. 👋

I am a life and success coach who has created a unique approach to time management and energy management, blending the two together for a more personalised approach to maximising and making the most of your time while keeping your energy high. 

I help my clients maximise their time, boost productivity, create balance, and manage energy consistently, without the dreaded burnout.

My own struggles and challenges led me on a path to finding balance after my own dreaded burnout. While I had always obsessed over time management, it became my downfall. Learning to blend energy management in with time management saved me. 

My passion grew to helping others learn the practices and unique techniques that helped me progress on a personal and professional level. Since then, I’ve been invited as a guest expert and speaker for multiple businesses, podcasts, and large, well-known organisations delivering time management and energy management workshops and talks, such as SJP, BT, NHS, Indeed, FSB, and Hart Square.

Client Success Stories

Sarah | Founder

I joined Alice’s course to challenge my mindset, improve my productivity and build healthier habits. Time is an area I’ve constantly struggled with, so I couldn’t believe what a positive experience this was – the content was delivered with such passion and enthusiasm, I felt invigorated and compelled to take action! I have loved every minute of it and felt supported every step of the way.

Beth | Founder

Alice really knows her stuff when it comes to time management. She uses fantastic examples that puts the theory into context and explains things in a way that’s very easy to understand. I noticed a difference in my way of working and a dramatic difference in my productivity levels after our first call. I’ve now found a system and routine that works for me and am constantly on top of my work. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to increase their productivity and time management.