Mental Health Advocacy

Supporting good mental health has always been important for me, because I know first-hand how detrimental poor mental health can be to the quality of someone’s life. It all affects us differently, but one thing is for sure, it holds us back. I want to empower everyone to live the life they deserve, to live life to their fullest. Mental health doesn’t make you the person you are, and you can overcome these challenges.

For a number of years, I am proud to have supported the mental health charity Mind, both locally in Tower Hamlets, London as an Executive Committee member on their board, as well as more recently on their national board supporting engagement with the local Minds.

For too long, mental health has always been a taboo subject and our tendency for a ‘stiff upper lip’ only makes things worse. It is time to stand up and speak out, and to support everyone to have a better quality mental health. This is a subject I am passionate about, please feel free to get in contact to learn more about what I do, or how I could help you or your organisation/business.