Goal Setting Strategy Session


As Antoine de Saint-Exupéry famously quoted, “a goal without a plan is just a wish”. That is why the first and most crucial step to achieving your desires is to have a solid goal, plan and strategy of how you are going to achieve it (and whilst you are balancing it against everything else in life I hasten to add). 

Creating a life by design, and not by default, is about using your time in a way that serves you – however, how can you do that if you don’t know what your goals are?  

This is where I can help you with this one-off session.

This one off “Goal Setting Strategy Session” is a 90-minute session to help you set your goals and a solid strategy to achieving them. 

Book this session if you want to: 

✔️ Set out your goals so you are clear about your ultimate vision and direction   

✔️ Find clarity in your goals, purpose and what you want  

✔️ Create structure, a road map and an action plan

This is the right session for you to empower you to

✅ Understand where you are now in relation to your goal 

✅ Uncover what has stopped you so far in order that you can overcome that 

✅ Understand what potential pitfalls might stop you from reaching your goals (because there will be some for all of us) 

✅ How this goal fits in with everything else that you do 

✅ Ensure you have the right resources to meet your goals  

✅ What needs to be done or to change in order for you to be successful 

✅ The first steps you need to take in order to achieve your goal 

“Alice is very good at asking the right questions and providing a structure to move forward. The session I had with Alice helped provide me with clarity and was very thought provoking. Alice has helped me to think about the end vision and then the individual goals will come from this.”

Why this session works so well

Having a coach support you through your goal setting will allow you to: 

  • Think differently in a way you haven’t before when approaching your goals and goal setting  
  • Challenge you to come up with fresh ideas to make sure these goals are right for you  
  • Support you to create the right environment (mentally and physically) for achieving your goals  
  • Create the right mindset for success  

What to expect

Alice Dartnell London Life Coach Laptop
  • 90-minute coaching intensive with me to establish your goals. There is a short questionnaire you can complete before the session in order to help me prepare to give you the most for this session  
  • A set of notes and action points, including a copy of a recording from the coaching session  
  • Your coaching session is followed up by a 30minute check-in call a few weeks later to make sure you’re on track and for added accountability! 

This is done over zoom or face-to-face is available in Central and SW London, (there may be an additional fee to be paid to cover transport and additional time).  

Start achieving your goals today for just £297. 

To book your session, or if you have any questions, please get in touch via alice@alicedartnell.com. 

“Alice worked with me on A Goal Setting Stagey Session; I’ve got big plans for this year but am notoriously not great at seeing them through, but my session with Alice has set me on the right course. It provided me with clarity on what’s really important to me, and how to drop all of the guilt surrounding what’s not. I feel like I have more focus on what I need to be doing each day to achieve my long-term goals & they don’t feel so big & scary anymore! I would highly recommend working with Alice if you’re ready to make this the year you start achieving your goals!”
Olivia Giblin
Digital Marketing Business Owner