Goal Setting Strategy Session

As Antoine de Saint-Exupéry famously quoted, “a goal without a plan is just a wish”

I couldn’t have said it better myself! Her words highlight the first and most crucial step to achieving your goals: Having a plan. 

Without a plan, all those things you desire just end up an unattainable wish. But I know you want more than to wish your life away, and in case you need a little reminder, you deserve more too. 

So, while it’s easy to dream, you must create a solid plan for how you are going to achieve it (whilst also balancing everything else going on in your life, am I right!).

At times, this can all seem a bit overwhelming, can’t it?

But that’s where I step in. 

Because I specialise in using energy management to master your time management, plans and productivity, I’ve got the techniques and frameworks that will help you focus in on what you want and design a customised and realistic action plan so you can create a life by design, not by default.

To book your session email alice@alicedartnell.com.

Create a Life By Design

Creating a life by design, and not by default, is about using your time and energy in a way that serves you – however, how can you do that if you don’t know what your goals are?  

This one-off “Goal Setting Strategy Session” is a 90-minute power session to help you set your goals and create a solid strategy to achieving them. It also provides lots of post-session support to help keep you on track and provide accountability.

“Alice is very good at asking the right questions and providing a structure to move forward. The session I had with Alice helped provide me with clarity and was very thought provoking. Alice has helped me to think about the end vision and then the individual goals will come from this.”

To book your session email alice@alicedartnell.com.

Alice Dartnell expert working with laptop cafe white blouse tea Japanese tea pot laptop

This one off “Goal Setting Strategy Session” is a 90-minute session to help you set your goals and a solid strategy to achieving them. 

Book this session if you want to: 

⭐️ Define your specific goals to develop a clear and ultimate vision and direction   

⭐️ Find clarity in your goals, purpose and what you want  

⭐️ Create a structured road map and action plan aligned with achieving your goals

This session will empower you

🍍 Understand where you are now in relation to your goal 

🍍 Uncover what has stopped you in the past and help create new patterns to overcome those obstacles

🍍 Identify and understand your individual potential pitfalls and how those might stop you from reaching your goals 

🍍 Envision how this goal fits in with everything else that you do to create daily habits that support your journey and overall success

🍍 Ensure you have the right resources to meet your goals  

🍍 Decide what needs to be done or changed for you to reach your full potential

🍍 Make the first steps you need to take to achieve your goals

To book your session email alice@alicedartnell.com.

Why this session works so well

Having a coach support you through your goal setting will allow you to: 

⭐️ Think differently than you have in the past by approaching your goals and goal setting techniques in a new way, backed by research and success stories from people like you.

⭐️ Challenge you to analyse and discuss your goals with fresh ideas to make sure the goals you want are actually right for you 

⭐️ Find and develop support to create the right environment (mentally and physically) for achieving your goals  

⭐️ Create the right mindset for success with your goals and action plan 

What to Expect

Alice Dartnell expert working with laptop cafe white blouse tea Japanese tea pot laptop

🍍 A short questionnaire you can complete before the session to help me prepare for your individual needs

🍍 90-minute intensive coaching with an expert (that’s me!) to establish your goals. 

🍍 A set of notes and action points, designed exclusively for you

🍍 A copy of the recorded coaching session so you can go back as many times as you need

🍍 A 30–minute follow up check-in call a few weeks later to make sure you’re on track and to provide added accountability! 

🍍 Additional Goal Setting Strategy support for up to 4-weeks via WhatsApp so you’re not alone in the early stages


Book your session now at alice@alicedartnell.com!

All sessions are over zoom.

Start achieving your goals today and book your session with me! 

If you have any questions, please get in touch via alice@alicedartnell.com.

See What Past Clients Have Said!

“Alice worked with me on A Goal Setting Stagey Session; I’ve got big plans for this year but am notoriously not great at seeing them through, but my session with Alice has set me on the right course. It provided me with clarity on what’s really important to me, and how to drop all of the guilt surrounding what’s not. I feel like I have more focus on what I need to be doing each day to achieve my long-term goals & they don’t feel so big & scary anymore! I would highly recommend working with Alice if you’re ready to make this the year you start achieving your goals!”
Olivia Giblin
Digital Marketing Business Owner
"I took so much from my Goal Setting Strategy Session with Alice, the session uncovered things that I hadn't thought about before, it made me reframe my thinking in areas that I felt stuck in and really motivated me to commit to my goals. Before the session I wasn't clear what my goals actually were, I had a vague idea but this really helped me crystallise what it is I actually want and for the first time I can see how to get there. Being able to be clear on what I want has been a real driver for me and actually made me feel less stressed so I can't recommend a Goal Setting Strategy Session enough. Alice guides you through it so there is a natural flow to the session and asks the right questions at the right time and when the moment happens when it all drops into place it is fantastic! Alice is brilliant to work with, so kind, patient and knowledgeable and has made such a difference to my life, I can't thank her enough."
Sarah McLoughlin
Operations Manager
"I recently had a GSSS with Alice and it couldn't have been better! There was no stone left unturned. Alice asked all the right questions and went through my goals with a fine tooth comb, breaking them down into manageable expectations which instantly lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. Alice packed in so much value within the session, not a second was wasted. She helped me to get to the nitty gritty of my goals and how to achieve them, and ever since I have used the notes from the session every single day. Thank you Alice, your energy and enthusiasm is inspiring!"
Phoebe Webb
Business Owner, Nutrition and Health Coach