If you are reading this, it means you have decided to transform your life in 2021.


We are Amani, Gut health Nutritional Therapist, and Alice Dartnell, Life and Success Coach and we have created a transformational 12-week coaching programme designed to empower you to eat your way to productivity, feel more energized, and learn how to fit being healthy into a busy life!

Studies show that the number one reason people can’t stick to a healthy diet is because of their mindset. And studies also show that our mindset is influenced by what we eat. This is why Alice & Amani have decided to join forces to teach you everything you need to know about nutrition and mindset to smash your goals in 2021.

Alice Dartnell London Life Coach with amani kaite food gut specialist

But why are we so passionate about nutrition and mindset?

Alice Dartnell London Life Coach with amani kaite food gut specialist

Amani’s transformation

For 15 years, I battled different gut-related conditions (asthma, candida overgrowth, skin issues) because of a poor diet and lifestyle.

I was tired all the time and extremely frustrated because I had no idea why my body had ‘’given up’’ on me. After uni, I started working in Sales but after a while, my performance started to decline because of my unhealthy lifestyle.

I never really understood how big the impact of my diet on my mental health was up until I intuitively started changing it. This was a key moment in my life as I finally felt in control of my body and health, and after a lot of self-experimentation, I was able to completely reverse my conditions. I am now a qualified Nutritional Therapist and my mission is to spread the word about gut health.

Alice’s transformation

For a decade, I struggled with severe depression and an eating disorder which led to low self-worth, no confidence and even self-harming. I was in such a dark place and my perfectionism didn’t help for sure! When I started my recovery journey, I realised that life in fact could be amazing, and I could create the life I wanted if I put a bit of work into myself.

I am not saying my transformation was easy and I just “woke up” one day and was cured. It took hard work, a lot of personal development and a huge amount of learning. But it was worth it.

The key was to learn how to change my mindset, implement healthy habits and understand how to master my time management. Fast forward to today and here I am, living life on my terms in the best health of my life…. And I want to help others do the same.

Alice Dartnell expert life coach and energy coach working in Posh Hotel England Alice smiling smart skirt and blouse

Now, we know what you might be thinking, here’s another programme which will probably be expensive, time consuming, and may not work for me.

So let us reassure you this…  we understand your concerns! We would ask the same questions. However, your results will depend on how committed you are, how open-minded you are to trying something different. After all, if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you are not going to get new results.

Investing in this programme can change your life because let’s be honest, how much money and quality of life are you losing by not trying something that has already proven to work for so many people?

Now I’ve got a question that might help you make a decision… How often are you distracted, tired, bloated or frustrated?  If it is at least once per week, then this programme is for you.

Now…drum roll…here’s a sneak peek into the ‘’Health, Habits and Happiness’’ modules

Mindset & Lifestyle

How to create the right mindset for your health, habits and happiness.

Optimising Your Energy

How to fuel your day and your body with the right nutrition.

The Gut Feeling

The importance of gut health, and mind body connection.

Nutrition Audit & Overhaul

How to improve your current diet.

How to Create Positive Habits

Why you can't actually break bad habits and what you need to do instead.

Eat Yourself Productive

What you should be eating to be more productive and focused.

How to Sleep Smarter

How your sleep impacts your nutrition, and how your nutrition impacts your sleep.

Meal Prepping like a Pro

How to meal prep even when you don't have enough time.

Group Coaching Session

A live, hands on group coaching session with Amani & Alice.

Stress & Emotional Eating

How to harness your newfound nutrition and time management skills to deal with stress without emotional eating.

Balancing & Burnout

How to find the right balance for you, so you can manage it all without burnout.

Healthy Lifestyle Hacks & Habits

Knowledge is only power if you act on it. Interactive coaching session to bring all your knowledge together to build a life by design.

Each week, we will meet on Zoom for up to 90 minutes and we will discuss the topic of the week. There will be a plenty of knowledge and theory shared with you and A LOT of practical application too. We want you to leave each session feeling empowered and confident.

Now that you’ve learned all this, you’re probably asking yourself: What sort of results can I expect ?

Alice Dartnell London Life Coach with amani kaite food gut specialist

Let’s share some with you...

My client E struggled with bloating and lack of focus for years. She couldn’t get anything done after lunch. After working together, we were able to design the perfect diet for her to boost her energy levels in the afternoon. This helped her to complete her master’s thesis sooner than expected.


My Client Z found that she was snacking late into the night despite really wanting to lose some weight and get healthier. Whilst she was eating healthy in the day, she found herself binging on popcorn, crisps and sweet stuff after dinner even though she didn’t really want it! But her issue wasn’t knowing what to eat to have a health diet… it was her time management and habits! By leaving her ‘big’ work tasks to later in the day or evening, her willpower was completely gone and she was rewarding herself with snacks when working late or eating them for a quick energy fix. Once we sorted out her work schedule so she was more productive in the day, her snacking stopped!


Ok, we know what you’re thinking. How much more will I have to spend?

The mistake most people who have tried different progammes is thinking they just need to buy a book or watch a few Youtube videos to get all the answers. Yes, the world is full of resources. But it takes a lot of time and energy to go through all the materiel, differentiate what is valid or not, and make a plan that works for you.

Time is precious isn’t it? How much time are you spending being frustrated because you are not getting anywhere instead of enjoying your life with your family and friends? Alice and I have spent years doing the research, we have read all the good and the bad advice out there and have experienced the results ourselves…and so have our clients.

We are offering you an amazing opportunity to transform your mindset and your lifestyle at the same time. We’ll do that together, in a safe and supported environment!

Alice Dartnell London Life Coach with amani kaite food gut specialist

We would love to invite you to be the next person to take their place on “Health, Habits and Happiness” and join us and the amazing people who have already taken action and said “YES” to the health and life they want!

Alice Dartnell London Life Coach with amani kaite food gut specialist

What will happen if you don’t action?

The programme will start on the 5th May 2021.

For an investment of £1,297, we are going to support you every step of the way for 12 incredible weeks so you can take control of your health, habits, and productivity.

We will be there to support, champion, educate and coach you to success!5th

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