3 Exhilarating Key Lessons from My Tony Robbins Seminar

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A few years ago I had the privilege of attending Tony Robbins’ world-famous Unleash the Power Within seminar because I wanted to start taking my life to the next level so I can help my clients do the same. I’ve always been a huge fan of personal development – for me, it is not being the best but just the best version you can be.

However, despite listening to Tony Robbins pretty much daily as he always features on those motivation compilations, and putting Awaken the Giant Within as one of my top ten personal development books of all times, I have to be honest, seeing him live on stage and attending one of this seminars was never on my to-do list. (Sorry Tony).

Here’s Tony…

Tony Robbins. In my opinion, he needs no introduction but if you are not 100% sure who he is, Tony Robbins is an American coach, motivational speaker, author and has worked with the rich, famous and powerful around the world.

Nine months prior to attending his famous UPW (Unleash the Power Within Seminar), I was introduced to the idea by attending a free workshop. It was a bit last minute and on this rare occasion I was actually free. So I took the opportunity to go and immerse myself in positivity and motivation early on a Saturday in London. Little did I know before going that I would months later find myself on the four-day extravaganza that is UPW.

I registered on the spot from that morning. I figured if your favourite singer was Beyoncé and she was coming to your home town, you’d go right, so why was it any different to hear that your favourite motivational speaker was in town? And you wouldn’t mind the high ticket price.

This was better than Beyoncé (sorry Bey).

I have committed to writing this article because I wanted to share three key take-homes that I am going to use to propel my life to the next level but in all honesty, words cannot express what I experienced over that long weekend in April (and that is not just because I am not a professional writer). Excuse the swearing too – anyone who has seen or heard Tony Robbins will know he does this a lot too!

Alice Dartnell Life Success Coach Consultant Tony Robbins Unleash Power Within Mindset Motivation Clarity
The Tony Robbins seminar was exhilarating! I laughed. I cried. I fist-pumped so hard that I popped my shoulder!

This was worth popping my shoulder!

I laughed. I cried. I bonded with strangers. I fist-pumped so hard to Will.I.Am that I popped my shoulder (sorry Ivan, my physio). I lost my voice because I screamed and whooped so loud. I even did the ‘firewalk’! How on earth can I capture that in an article?!

So forgive me if you can’t quite get my sheer exhilaration of what I experienced, but here goes my key take-homes. Take what you can from it, and with each one ask yourself “how can I apply this to my life?”

My 3 Key Take aways

Key Take Away #01:

You can control your state

Key Take Away #02:

Raise your standards

Key Take Away #03:

Clarity is power

Key Take Away #01:

You can control your state

Key Take Away #02:

Raise your standards

Key Take Away #03:

Clarity is power

“Your brain is like a heat seeking missile. What you set your sights on, the brain will seek to find.”

– Alice Dartnell

Key Take Away #01: You can control your state

Have you ever been in a sad or serious situation, then had the biggest, most inappropriate fit of giggles – like being at a funeral then someone pops an inappropriate joke because their defence mechanism is humour, and suddenly you go from mourning to cracking up?

Humans can switch their state in a second because we have the ability to change our energy.

I have always advocated that whilst we cannot control what happens to us, we can control our reactions. The idiot that cut us up on the motorway… You can either forgive and drive on or get yourself worked up by winding down the window and shouting verbal obscenities at them. Your call.

Your emotion drives your behaviour so make sure your emotions are in a good place, otherwise, you’re going to be reacting in a way that is not conducive to your goals and positive state.

We can switch our emotions and energy because ultimately, we are in control of it. It is something we can make into a positive habit because we can train it. One way to train it is through our physiology.

Time after time, studies show us how our physiology is linked to our state.
We now know that smiling triggers neurotransmitters in our brains, thus we can affect our mood by physically changing (i.e. a cheesy smile). The link between the body and the mind is incredible. Just try it now – notice how are you sitting. Sit a little straighter, chest up, shoulders back, put a smile on your face… doesn’t that feel better already?

Remember this the next time you have a ‘bad day’ and feel fed up. How can you change that, because after all, if you are feeling down the only person you are really damaging is you, so it makes sense for you to change it!

Ask, how can I change my state? Is it adjusting your posture, smiling, or recalling something positive (like thinking of something you love, or your favourite holiday)? It sounds ridiculously simple but try it now. This stuff works.

The quality of your life is the quality of your emotion, so I am 100% making the conscious effort to improve the quality of my emotions to, what Tony calls, coming from “beautiful state”.

(If this takes your interest then read my blog 5 Ways to Feel Instantly Better)

Key Take Away #02: Raise your standards

This might be a harsh truth for some of you to read, but I know that where you are today is a reflection of your actions in the past. If you are not happy with where you are today, then I am afraid it is your responsibility.

Good news is though, you are in control so if you don’t like it, you can change it.

How do you do that? You raise your standards.

As Tony Robbins said, “your current state is a reflection of your standards, not what you are capable of”. Strive for excellence. Raise the bar. Get serious about your success.

Standards are a way to push forward by demanding more of yourself. Whether you are a gym-goer or not, you’ll understand the analogy of pushing the last rep at the gym, because it is that last rep that creates the muscle and change.

Tony Robbins also quite justifiably pointed out, that you can tell people’s levels of standards by just looking at them. I am sure he was not one to judge but he explains that you can tell who does and doesn’t place their health and fitness on a high pecking order just by looking at one’s body. He has a point.

Your externalities are a reflection of your standards. You want to be more, do more and achieve more, then it is time to raise your standards. Get one more rep out.

Alice Dartnell Life Success Coach Consultant Tony Robbins Unleash Power Within Mindset Motivation Clarity
As Tony says, if you want to be more, do more and achieve more, then it is time to raise your standards

Key Take Away #03: Clarity is power

I know telling you how powerful your brain is won’t be teaching you anything new, but the thing I want you to get across is how to use your focus to tell your brain exactly what you want.

Your brain is like a heat seeking missile. What you set your sights on, the brain will seek to find.

You have to be specific in what you are after.

Saying “I want more money” is no good because getting an extra pound is technically your wish fulfilled. You have to be totally clear. “I want £15,000 extra this year so I can take my family travelling across Asia, because this will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will enrich the kids’ lives and teach them new things”. Much more clear right?

Clarity is power because it is about knowing what your desired outcome is.

My question to you – what does extraordinary look to you? What do you want more of, what do you want less of? What is working well for you right now, what do you need to improve? This is something I work with my coaching clients on, and it is so powerful – and empowering – when you start to get clear.

Alice Dartnell Life Success Coach Positive Habits Productivity Success Confidence Mindset Deligation
We all have it in us to live the life we want, so lets work together to go and smash those goals!

Taking it to the next level

There is no physical way to cram four days of intensity, motivation and inspiration into a short article, but I want you to remember these three things when it comes to your goals.

  1. You control your state
  2. Raise your standards
  3. Clarity is power

This is what is going to take you to that next level, whatever that might look like for you!

I know we all have it in us to live the life we want, but if you want to take your life to the next level you have to go out there and make it happen.

Now go smash those goals!

Thank You!

I met a great guy called Klass from Amsterdam at the UPW event and he gave me the idea to write this article. Why not check his article out 100 lessons from Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within.

If you’re in the Central London area and looking for a good physio, go see Ivan and tell him I sent you – make your appointments at Bodilosophy.

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