The 4-Step Process to Getting Your Mojo Back

“Mojo”. “Get up and go”. “Motivation”. “Zest for life”.  Whatever you call it, you notice it big time when it is no longer there!  Your mojo is important because it is what drives you. It is your confidence, energy and enthusiasm, all rolled into one, and is crucial for pushing you forward. Losing your mojo becomes a problem because you feel uninspired and quite frankly, you cannot be bothered to act. When it is gone, it’s hard to climb off the sofa, let alone go out there, shine to the world and build your empire!

In the times that I have lost my mojo, a dangerous thought of “I can’t be arsed” replaces my eagerness and passion. This is bad. I haven’t read one success story in Forbes or one autobiography of anyone successful in their field declaring that they made their goals on a feeling of “I can’t be arsed”. Likewise, for the generation who grew up on Austin Powers, we know how bad it was for him when he “lost his mojo, baby” don’t we? !


Before I tell you my four-step process for getting your mojo back however, let me just talk about a popular misconception around motivation…

For me, mojo is less about motivation, but more about that clarity of “ok this is what I want, this is how I am going to get it, and I am raring to go”. Mojo is easier to say, so we’ll stick to that as a term though.

You might have seen in previous blogs and content of mine that unlike most life coaches, I am not a fan of motivation! I don’t believe motivation is the driving force that will achieve the success you are after. If you rely on motivation and feeling inspired to push you towards your dreams, it isn’t going to work because there are going to be days when you are tired and feeling lazy. Therefore relying on motivation alone to push you to success is dangerous! You need other aspects, which I personally think are more important, such as time management, habits and working on small goals.

Anyway, back to mojo.  Here is my simple to follow four-step process to getting your mojo back…


 Step one: Get Your Health and Mindset in Check

I know you probably weren’t expecting this, but I KNOW that when you don’t have your health (mentally and physically) in place, you won’t have your mojo. I know the healthier, fitter and more vibrant I feel, the more of a “let’s do this” attitude I have. The bottom line is your health matters if you want to achieve your goals.

You’ve also got to have your mindset in check and in the right state. For me, I call this a “success mindset”. This is about having a ‘growth’ mindset, improving your self-talk and believing that you can. A growth mindset is what researcher Carol Dweck talks about in her book ‘Mindset’. She says people with a fixed mindset — those who believe that abilities are fixed — are less likely to flourish than those with a growth mindset — those who believe that abilities can be developed.

Health and mindset are often overlooked when it comes to getting your mojo back, but it is actually the first step.

Alice Dartnell Life Success Coach  London Consultation Healthy Breakfast in Grand Park Royal Hotal Cancun Mexico

Even when staying in a hotel in Mexico, I know need to eat healthily and still exercise!

Step two: Make a plan                                                                                                                                  

One of the worst things I find when I lose my mojo is that overwhelming feeling of knowing I want to get going again, but how?

It feels paralysing because I don’t know where to start. We’ll cover that more in step three but step two is noting down ALL the areas you need to get a grip on again.

The key to this is to ‘brain dump’ all the things you want to get going on, regardless if you think you can or when you can start. For example  your list might look like: get back to going to the gym four times a week, start eating my five-a-day again, making time for your favourite hobby, reading a book a month, meal-prepping for the week, etc etc.

This helps because it is no longer swirling around in our minds, taking up valuable space and energy.

Alice Dartnell Life Success Coach  London Consultation Mojo List in Grand Park Royal Hotal Cancun Mexico

Looking to get your mojo back. Brain dumping is cathartic way to gain clarity and find out where to start.

Step three: Start small

Unlike most life coaches who tell you to dream big and chase big goals, I believe that big goals can actually have a negative impact on us, our mojo and our likelihood of achieving them. I advocate having a big vision and dream but breaking it down into smaller goals. Too big a goal will often suffocate us or seem like it is such a long way away from achieving, we procrastinate and never start (because we tell ourselves we have plenty of time to get to such a big goal).

Take your list from step two and work out what is the most important things you need to focus on first. Do not choose more than three! It is better to choose just one than it is to choose too many.

Start small and build from there – that is the key to getting your mojo back, bit by bit. It is not an overnight success.

So, for example, maybe you need to find your mojo again when it comes to writing your book. Your end goal might be to get back to writing 20 pages a day, but for now, focus on writing just , say 5 pages, every other day. Then build up from there… once you have nailed that, move on to 5 pages of writing every day, then move on to writing 10 pages then 15 pages a day… you get the picture.

Step four: Build a habit

Rather than relying on motivation, build a habit! Taking the book writing example, it might help if you make it a habit via routine. For example, every evening after dinner, you block out time for your writing. 

It is important though that you don’t try to incorporate more from your list until you have cemented a habit and got your mojo back on that one thing otherwise you will overwhelm yourself. In fact, it could even have a negative impact, as you try to take on too much, get overwhelmed, beat yourself up about it and then it plunges you further away from your mojo!!!

Habits are what gets you success and my blog 4 Insanely easy ways to create good habits explains four easy ways to start creating good habits.

Alice Dartnell Life Success Coach  London Consultation  reading James Clear Atomic Habits in Grand Park Royal Hotal Cancun Mexico

Packed with evidence-based strategies, Atomic Habits will teach you how to make small changes that will transform your habits and deliver amazing results.

Your mojo is like a magnet

Like a weird magnet, once you have found your passion and mojo again in one area, it will have a positive impact on another area. For example, getting back on track with the gym will leave you feeling energised again, which will help you find your mojo again with your work, and being productive at work means you get more achieved in less time, so you have your evenings after work to enjoy your hobby. It becomes a positive cycle!

So here’s to getting your mojo back in any situation! Remember to  these simple steps of and see how great it works for you.

Alice Dartnell Life Success Coach London healthy miracle morning Arbonne standing in front Best Life Poster

You can’t get your mojo back without your health and the right mindset

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Habits are what gets you success and my blog 4 Insanely easy ways to create good habits explains four easy ways to start creating good habits.

Work towards you goals in easy bit by bit using the compound-effect of the  Law of the Slight Edge. In a nutshell, the Slight Edge is the law that everything adds up bit by bit. The actions we take will move us either towards our goals or away from them.  Learn more about the Law of the Slight Edge in my ground-breaking article 5 Essential tips to achieve your goals in 2020.

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