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course content...

Module One: Laying the right foundations

Before we dive into the practical tips, we need to get the foundations right! Learn the fundamentals of time management excellence that you can keep building on this throughout the course. What time management really is (hint: it has nothing to do with time really) Improving your ‘time management mindset’ and why your mindset even matters The rules that govern time management

Module Two: Planning, Productivity and Prioritising

One of the key skills to time management success is learning to plan ahead and prioritising that plan, in order to maximise productivity. What IS productivity? How to do weekly planning​ Why your to-do list is holding you back​ Scrap the usual forward planning… it is all about backward planning​

Module Three: Why time management is actually not about time (it's energy)

To serve your time management skills, I need to show you a NEW way to approach time – that is through the management of your energy! Your health impacts your time management, and your time management impacts your health Best practices for your peak mental & physical health Maximising your time and day based on your energy Managing overwhelm and avoiding burnout

Module Four: Procrastination, Distractions and Time Stealers

This will teach you how to be in control of your time, tasks and day – no more time wasted, feeling guilty or leaving deadlines to the last minute! Why procrastination is damaging your mindset and goals Why will power and motivation won’t work Top reasons why you are procrastinating (and it's not time!) Managing distractions

Module Five: Learning to Manage Other People

Sometimes our biggest time management issue isn't us, it is other people! Learn to manage this for time management mastery! Saying ‘no’ without saying no​ Why boundaries matter to time management and how to create them How to delegate

Module Six: Creating a Life by Design and Living Guilt Free

Time management is a skill to enable you to live more! This is about creating a life YOU LOVE! Time management mastery will help you create your life by design. How to make "me time" Mindfulness and the link to time management Dropping the "should" and living guilt free What's work-life balance anyway? Dropping the perfectionism

We start January 2022

REMEMBER: the course is open to register, so  if you do just want to sign up for ‘Own Your Day’ 8-week time management course NOW like Sue and Muna already have then let’s add you to the family!

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