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Hi, I am Alice, a Life and Success Coach with a passion for empowering individuals and organisations to reach their full potential. I am of course the founder of the company Alice Dartnell Limited, specialising in time management & productivity and empowering a ‘success mindset’.

We deliver training and coaching packages to forward-thinking organisations who know the importance of creating a coaching culture to create the right environment and mindset for success. I personally also work with individuals privately through 1-2-1 sessions, as well as host courses and events. 

If you’re looking for support to push you to become the best version of you and help you reach your potential so you can achieve your biggest goals, then keep reading on… 

Is this your organisation? 

Perhaps your organisation is already thriving so you’re just looking to build on that with first class coaching and training for your staff. If so, let’s see how a training package can support you (all training and coaching package are bespoke to you by the way so you can ensure you get the best solutions for your needs with none of this “off the shelf” stuff). 

But perhaps your organisation is facing some challenges? These are some of the most common ones I work on with organisations: communication difficulties, silo working, internal competition stifling collaboration, a mindset and culture that doesn’t breed success and  lack of engagement from causing low staff morale and high turnover/absenteeism. 

Sound familiar? So what can we do to help? 

It is important to establish a “coaching culture”, which will help build the right culture and mindset internally, boost productivity and  support workplace wellbeing. I offer packages from one-off training to full annual programmes. I’ve worked with amazing organisations such as Mind Federations, Clinical Commissioning Groups and recruitment giant Indeed… Let’s see how we can work together. 

I don’t believe training is just a tick-box exercise, because done properly in a way that provides practical solutions and offers coaching like I do, you can start to make transformations. Training and coaching should provide tools and create ideas for now and the future. 

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Individual looking for professional support through 1-2-1 coaching?

Are you wanting something different for yourself? 🙋‍♀
Are you ready and willing to make a change but need support? 🙋‍♂
Or, are you stuck in a rut or in a mundane loop? 🙋‍♀

Whatever your goal is and wherever you are currently, coaching is the perfect support to get you to where you want to be! Like you would have a PT to help you reach your fitness goals, you have a life coach to help you with your life goals!

Coaching will help and empower you to…

• Develop a “success mindset”
• Master your own “success strategies”
• Give you a fresh outlook and perspective
• Broaden your mind, ideas and outlook
• Stop you from holding yourself back

Through coaching, you can start to see and do things differently so that you can achieve more and reach that next level!

Coaching is going to give you…

• Accountability
• That push you need
• Clarity and direction
• Improved decisiveness and decision-making abilities
• Enhanced confidence

Time is precious, so don’t waste it! Professional coaching will help you get what you want, quicker. You deserve to live the life you want! To get something different though, you can’t stick with what you’re currently doing. As the saying goes, if you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got.
So, what are you doing differently?

Coaching is the way to help you see a new perspective, create new habits, wok on your long-term vision, reach your potential and create a life by design.

I have helped a range of people on a huge variety of goals – from suffering with confidence loss, to publishing a book, to enabling a change of direction in life, to small business owners struggling with staff – but my main focus is to support the busy professional who is trying to juggle it all. I am London based but you can often find me travelling, so I regularly work with clients online from all over the world but also support clients on a face to face basis too, and can be flexible to suit you. If you are serious about wanting to make life-long changes and positively transform your life, then I would love to hear from you to see how I can support you.

👉 Book on for your free 20 minute consultation to see how I can help you! 

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The number one question I always get asked about coaching…

…”how did you get into coaching?”

The short answer is that I always knew I wanted a business since I was 15, then I knew the business had to be one that helped others, then I started my coaching diploma in 2016. 

The longer, and more honest, answer is this (get a cup of tea and some biscuits)… 

Despite people thinking I have a cockney accent, I grew up in your average working-class town in Kent. My mum is Japanese and moved from a tiny island called Okinawa. My dad is born and bred in the same Kentish town I was born and bred in (and in fact, so were his parents and their parents).

Whilst I had a happy upbringing, I knew that I wanted more from life, but in order to get more, I would have to become more – a better version of me.

Throughout my life, like everyone, I have had my share of hurdles and setbacks. But I have learnt that a good life doesn’t come from avoiding the bad times, but from learning to overcome them and become better from them.

When I was growing up, I had huge issues with my mum – not just the usual teenage tantrums – but because of the language and cultural barriers and my inability to identify myself as Japanese (which I am now proud to associate myself with). I was often labelled a trouble maker at school, getting expelled from lessons just a few weeks before my GSCEs and despite getting good GCSEs in the end, I spectacularly failed my AS levels. But I worked extra hard to get in to a good university (the first from both my mum and dad’s family) and it was actually in my final term of university that I learnt I was dyslexic rather than just a “trouble maker”!

To add to this, my teenage years and early adulthood were plagued with severe depression and battles with an eating disorder that consumed my life for a decade.

Adult life has had it hurdles and learning curves too, such as being a military wife who would often not even get to speak to my partner on a four-month deployment, as well as getting made redundant on the same morning I got the offer accepted on our first house together (needless to say the mortgage company backed out), being evicted (and having to move in with my nan back in Kent) and various business challenges.

All this has taught me that you are not a product of your past or your situation, that you have the ability to create the life you want. You can change, you can be overcome your hurdles, you can learn to create the life you want.

If I can change and start to create the life I want, I know you can too – there is nothing special about me. So this is where the passion comes in for helping others reach their potential and live a life by design. Let me help you change your mindset for success, support you to achieve the things you have your ambitions set on and give you the tools you need to reach your goals.

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