Welcome to the Free Energy Management Experience Event on the Tuesday 20th September!

You have successfully registered! 🙂

Welcome to the Free “Energy Management Experience” Event on the Tuesday 20th September!

You have successfully registered! 🙂

Tuesday 20th September, 7pm – 8.30pm UK time

What’s next?

✔️ Mark your calendars for this epic event and get ready for this not-to-be-missed experience!  Tuesday 20th September 7pm UK time

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But you don’t have to stop there…

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Because you are obviously someone focused on self-improvement and creating a life by design, I’d like to offer you a special Bonus Bolt On just for you!!!  

If you’re anything like me, sometimes the first move is the hardest, so let’s celebrate your start by keeping that momentum going.  

So, whether you are ready to make new goals or enhance your old ones, I’m offering my top expert service for a one-off Goal Setting Strategy Session at a 50% discount! This means it is just £197 for you instead of the usual £397! 

This “Bonus Bolt On” Includes:

Alice Dartnell expert life coach and energy coach taking a break time off Patio Hotel Phnom Penh Sky Bar Pool

A short questionnaire completed before the session to prepare for your individual needs 

✔️  90-minute intensive coaching with me to set, establish and dig deep into your goals 

✔️ A set of notes and action points, designed exclusively for you 

✔️ A copy of the recorded coaching session so you can go back as many times as you need 

✔️ A 30–minute follow up check-in call a few weeks later to make sure you’re on track and to provide added accountability!  

✔️ Additional Goal Setting Strategy support for up to 4-weeks via WhatsApp so you’re not alone in the early stages 

ALL THIS FOR JUST £197 with our Bonus Bolt-On 

Snag your Bonus Bolt On and unlock the 50% discount for your Goal Setting Strategy Session with me! Just imagine how happy your future self will be as you get closer to creating the #lifebydesign you deserve (and all without breaking the bank!) 

Simply click the button, grab your Bonus Bolt On, and once you have got your Goal Setting Strategy Session I will be in touch to book your session in at your convenience. Simple.

Want to know what previous people have said about the Goal Setting Strategy Session?

"I took so much from my Goal Setting Strategy Session with Alice, the session uncovered things that I hadn't thought about before, it made me reframe my thinking in areas that I felt stuck in and really motivated me to commit to my goals. Before the session I wasn't clear what my goals actually were, I had a vague idea but this really helped me crystallise what it is I actually want and for the first time I can see how to get there. Being able to be clear on what I want has been a real driver for me and actually made me feel less stressed so I can't recommend a Goal Setting Strategy Session enough.”
Sarah McLoughlin
Operations Manager
"I recently had a GSSS with Alice and it couldn't have been better! There was no stone left unturned. Alice asked all the right questions and went through my goals with a fine tooth comb, breaking them down into manageable expectations which instantly lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. Alice packed in so much value within the session, not a second was wasted. She helped me to get to the nitty gritty of my goals and how to achieve them, and ever since I have used the notes from the session every single day. Thank you Alice, your energy and enthusiasm is inspiring!"
Phoebe Webb
Business Owner, Nutrition and Health Coach
“I am rare to write testimonials immediately upon finishing a course or a coaching program or a strategy session. I think the biggest success and most trustworthy testimonials come from how usable the information and the teachings are months down the line. I had my strategy session with Alice back in November 2021. I was pretty clear on everything I wanted to achieve but was genuinely struggling prioritising particular projects and managing running my business alongside parenting and future creative goals. Because I was managing things poorly I was falling out of love with my life and my certainly my business. Alice created a space where we could sit down and actually work out what was important what could be put off and how to create boundaries that were flexible but disciplined. Burdens were taken off my shoulders, and the sense of possibility and space became once again visible. If you’re struggling book a session and I highly doubt you will regret it!”
Cee Fee Dunn
Business Owner, PT and Nutrition Coach


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Hi, I'm Alice

Alice Dartnell is a time management and energy management coach, trainer, speaker, and author, who is passionate about empowering people to create a life by design, not by default! 

Known as an expert in time management and energy management, Alice doesn’t teach time management in the traditional sense. Instead, she focuses on the importance of also incorporating energy management and mindset as the way to improve time management. Alice believes that time management actually isn’t about managing time! Instead, it is about managing you, other people, your tasks and most importantly, your energy! Often our time management issues (eg procrastination, distractions) are not issues with our time but our energy! 

Alice’s self-confessed “geeky obsession” with time management came following her recovery and personal development journey following a decade long battle with severe depression, confidence issues and an eating disorder. Her fascination with time management came from vowing to never waste another minute again. 

However, this led to a severe burn out – trying to do too much, unable to switch off, too much focus on productivity, sacrificing healthy habits and burning the candle at both ends! The burn out left her wondering how to incorporate wellbeing into time management. Despite being excellent at time management, she still burnt out, and this led her on a path to creating “energy management” as the solution to traditional time management. 

Alice now runs her international coaching business online and is based in Valencia and London. She works with individuals on a 121 basis, as well as through programmes, workshops, and courses. Additionally, she delivers training to organisations looking to boost productivity.