Energy Management Online Summer Summit

The Energy Management Online Summer Summit: Why Energy Management Is the Secret to Having More Time!​

Alice Dartnell - speaker, coach, consultancy - time m management, energy management, productivity expert


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Cee Fee Dunn

Cee Fee runs her own fitness and nutrition business, focusing primarily on women’s weight loss. Although she is a fitness professional, she does not subscribe to the dangerous diet culture that insists on chasing aesthetics over health. She describes herself as a regular family woman and is passionate about empowering women in a holistic way to increase their metabolism, understand core scientific principles of food, and change their focus from punishment to nourishment.  

As part of this virtual summit, Cee Fee will focus on what energy management means to her and why understanding yourself is the secret to productivity. Knowing when to pull back (because sometimes we need to slow down in order to speed up) and learning how to “self-parent” are simple, but effective methods that she will share with you so you can build a healthier and more sustainable life.  

Want more?  

Grab your free recipe and work out book from Cee Fee and check out her YouTube channel 

You can also follow her on Instagram or Facebook, or visit her website or linkedin for more information.  

Contact Cee Fee for coaching enquiries


Jamie Sleigh

Jamie is the Owner and Co-Founder of Indeloy IT Solutions.

As the CEO of a multimillion-pound IT company launched during lockdown, Jamie stands as a testament to resilience and innovation. 

Having mastered the art of energy management and resilience, Jamie offers invaluable lessons for all leaders seeking to maintain their dynamism in the face of adversity. His ability to manage personal energy and ensure team vitality, even amidst rapid business scaling, is a testament to his dynamic leadership style.

What makes Jamie particularly compelling is his personal journey of self-improvement and transformation. Once a 1-2-1 client of mine, Jamie overcame challenges of serial people-pleasing, perfectionism, and control tendencies.

Join us in our interview as we welcome Jamie, a transformative leader who has risen above personal challenges to steer his company to great heights in challenging times. In our interview we focus on resilience – so important for energy management but often underlooked! This is an episode you certainly won’t want to miss.

You can contact Jamie by 



Sam Buckland

Sam is a busy mum of an active teenager, cub scout volunteer leader. Has a full time job and is about to qualify as a health coach!

With over 35 years of pharmacy experience, Sam is taking her passion for health care to another level by launching her own business before the end of 2023. With both a pharmaceutical interest and personal experience of health struggles, she has a passion for coaching people through the challenges of changing health habits in reaction to illness or chronic disease.

She supports clients manage new healthy habits and embed them into achieving a healthier and sustainable way of living, even with those managing a crazy work/life balance like she does.

In our interview, Sam shares her wisdom about how to manage your time through your energy (and health!), as well as the importance of knowing your ‘energy drainers ‘ and tips for managing your energy when you are super busy! 


In July, Sam has a FREE 5-day challenge offering a FIRST LOOK at one of her health programs she will be launching in her coaching business. Join the private FaceBook and learn 5 small health habits that will have you feeling healthier within one month.

BONUS – there are 10 FREE places for 121 coaching available, giving you EIGHT weekly coaching sessions on an area of health you would like to improve your life on. Email if you are interested.

Sam Sadighi

I am became a Certified Sleep Practitioner for both adults and children after witnessing the effects lack of sleep created in both himself and his youngest child. She now works with individuals and families to retain their brains for sleep using the latest research and evidence-based techniques.  

Using his expert knowledge in the field, Sam will provide insight into the three key areas to focus on in order to support your energy management. As a sleep coach, you won’t be surprised to hear her thoughts on sleep being the “elixir for your energy” and she’ll even share her scared sleep secrets! She is going to share how the different stages of sleep affects your function and explain why you’re likely sabotaging your bedtime – and how to stop!  

You can connect and contact Sam by 




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Lorna Jayne

Lorna is an Energy Alignment Coach, Intuitive Healer, Reiki Master teacher, Advanced Theta Practitioner, and an NLP Mindset Coach for Physics, Healers, and Entrepreneurs. Her various roles help to support women feeling safe in their feminine flow and become confident in realising their control through intuitive connection and healing. As the founder of Energy Ignite Global Mass Healing Membership and the Certified Reiki Academy, she has a clear vision to create a positive impact on Earth through healing. She has been featured in publications such as Fabulous Magazine by The Sun Newspaper, Elastic FM radio, Business Up North, as well as others.  

Her own personal journey from hospitalisation to mastering energy will show you how creating awareness about the connection between your emotions and your energy is so important during this virtual summit.





Rachel Francis

Rachel is an Energetic Alignment Coach. 

Rachel mentors people on creating emotional independence and a strong emotional identity, through full force Energetics, Astrology and Mindset, to transform insecurity into confidence.

As a part of this virtual summit, Rachel will challenge you to re-examine the idea that you need to protect your energy. That’s right, instead, she’ll focus on why energy is a state of being, and help you discover why kindness, grace, and encouragement are all necessary for your day-to-day life. She will also be sharing why true productivity is all about being aligned to your values, creating meaning, and going for it!  

And Rachel has TWO amazing offers just for you for accessing the summit!

Birth Chart Mentoring Session.
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Kayleigh Greenacre

Kayleigh is a mindset and business coach who supports people with growing businesses and those looking to develop a mindset for success. She is also a mum to her daughter and a firm believer that anyone can achieve their goals and dreams by applying a growth mindset and creating the right energy.  

Kayleigh’s focus in this Virtual Summer Summit will centre around prioritising your mindset to help you create the energy you need for your busy life. She will share her expert tips for developing a positive growth mindset and how to make self-care a part of your daily routine. She will support you as you explore why happiness and relaxation are key to increased productivity and better performance, and how journaling can affect your energy management. 

You can get in touch with Kayleigh through her website or Instagram page 

If you are ready to create a ‘Mindset to Success’ by investing in yourself to create your own success story, make sure to pick up a copy of her book, Actually, I Can! A Mindset to Success.  

Alice Dartnell

Ever wondered what makes a successful business? There are so many elements, but one of them is YOU! So it is critical you learn to manage your energy as you business is going to require lots of it! So if you are a busy owner it is going to worth it for you to invest in yourself and your energy management! 


Alisha Jade Chaise

Alisha is a soul and self embodiment coach helping you to repair, reconnect, and reclaim your relationship with YOU.

Alisha helps people transition into the full expression of their authentic selves by exploring the blocks and challenges that prevent them from fully loving and taking care of all their parts. Alisha works with individuals on a 121 basis.


In this interview Alisha explains what self-care really is, key areas to maintain a high-vibe and how to start taking care of yourself and listening to your inner-self. 


Alisha is looking for TWO pro bono clients to start working with from July. She will be helping you to begin to reconnect with yourself. Alisha will guide you to begin to listen to and honour your inner voice, wants and need to start repairing the most important relationship you will ever have and that is with YOURSELF!!

On offer are 4 x 90 minutes sessions, once a week for the month of July which will be held on zoom. 

This offer is for those who are ready to repair, reconnect and reclaim the relationship with themselves. The more we are able to give to ourselves the more we can give to those around us.

DM Alisha on Instagram

Amani Kaite

Amani Kaite is a Nutritional Therapist and Functional Medicine Practitioner specialised in gut health – which is why I call her the Queen of gut health! 

Amani is on a mission.. “Through transforming your gut, I can help your digestion, energy, weight, mood and productivity”. 


In this interview, Amani shares with us the impact between gut health and the brain (it is called the second brain!) and the connection between your gut health and energy management.

We also touch on the effects of sugar and our energy too, as well as tips about what you need to be doing! 

Siobhan Mears

Siobhan is the founder and owner of The Mears Collective, Business Operations Agency. Using her expertise from a successful 16-year career working for global corporates at board level in both London and the Middle East, she wanted to help female coaches and consultants build strong foundations on which to expand their business and operate from their zone of genius. 

In addition to her successful career, she is a passionate mother of two daughters and volunteers as a Board Trustee for EmpowerHer, a non-profit organisation supporting girls through mother loss. She appreciates the importance of maintaining a work-life balance and strives to help her clients achieve the same.  

She’s ready to support you as you discover the importance of being honest with your own capabilities that will allow you to focus on quality, not quantity. Find out why working in your “zone of genius” is key when it comes to your energy management, especially when running a busy business. And you won’t want to miss Siobhan’s expert tips about how to be more productive!

You can contact Siobhan through her website

Rowan Feilden-Cook

Rowan is a Personal Trainer, Mindset Coach, Founder of The SHE Collective, and Mum to 3 noisy boys!  

As a woman who struggles with time and motivation to exercise, Rowan was determined in her role as a PT to develop an online membership to help women to feel strong, healthy, and empowered – hence, The S.H.E Collective. 

She will share her expertise knowledge and top tips that helped her develop from being the exercise-hating type who had a toxic relationship with food, to having a PT business and helping other women love to exercise. Learn about the unlearning process and how to use intuitive training (which is not just about listening to your body!) to help improve your energy management. She also talks about how exerting energy can actually create energy! 

You can get in touch with Ro by through her  


Heather Taylor

17 years ago a life changing accident changed everything for Heather. Crossing over into the spirit world awakened parts of her that she had hidden away for so long, her true self was ready to be revealed, the witch within had been awoken and was ready to rise.

She founded New Moon Holistics from her passion of all things holistic and spiritual. After having spiritual life coaching herself and understanding that she held all the answers within, and knowing she was in charge of her life and the choices she made, Heather went back to school and completed her diploma as a Master Spiritual Life Coach and Energy Psychologist.

Now Heather share’s these teachings from her own personal journey, through the magick of the moon cycles, the elements around you, all of which are energy and help you to create the life you wish to live and the people we wish to become.

In this interview, Heather talks to us about burnout prevention, how to use the moon cycles and intuitive card reading to aid your energy management (as well as what it is all about!), and how to understand ourselves more to understand our energy management!

To start on your journey with the moon’s energy, download your New Moon Journal here

You can visit her website for more information and connect with her on Instagram or Facebook

Alice Dartnell

Ask yourself…

⏰ Are you constantly rewriting your to-do list and moving your unfinished tasks to the following day?

⏰ Do you find yourself completely knackered at the end of the week?

⏰Have you not had any “me time” recently, even though you know it’s a priority?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to these questions, this video is for you! As someone who was hyper-focused on time management in the past, I understand the frustration when you’re using all the time management tools like planning ahead, and multi-tasking multiple projects to reach full potential, but you feel exhausted, anxious, and burnout. That’s because time management issues are not because of a lack of time, but a lack of ENERGY!

The good news? I went through it all, so you don’t have to – and I’m sharing my secrets about energy management with you! ⚡So, whilst I cannot give you more time, I can give you more energy – and that’s what you really need. ⚡ By combing traditional time management techniques, with a focus on energy management, you will finally start to see the results you’ve been working so hard for, and you’re increasing energy won’t end at the workplace. You can have a thriving personal life and have “me time”, too (guilt-free!).

Alice Dartnell Bonus

How to drop the Time Guilt is a big thing when looking at our energy and time management.

You have got to drop your time guilt if you are going to reach your goals and create your life-by-design.



Alice Dartnell Bonus

Welcome to Summer Summit! I am Alice and I am the creator of this Summer Summit and my passion is time and energy management.

I am going to show you how to build a business and a life-by-design without burnout.