For HR and L&D Professionals

Wednesday 9th June, 10am - 12pm

Thank you for your interest in this unique event bringing you the best of networking, sharing best practice and expert content in one morning event. 

I know you are focused and committed to looking after your staff and/or members which means looking after their personal development and wellbeing. We know that when we look after our people properly, we can help them to be their best and therefore they can produce the best results. 

What is this roundtable morning all about?

This is your opportunity to discuss, learn and advance your ideas about how you can support your staff and members now and in the future. 


Whilst this has always been critical for any organisation, it is even more so now considering the constant changes we have had to adapt to with lockdown and the pandemic. 

Giving your time to this roundtable morning event will not only be valuable in the connections that you make but also through the talk that I will be giving, as I will be sharing my expertise on time management, so you can see how to increase productivity and wellbeing at the same time! 

Why should you join?




Ideas. Insights. Network. 


This is a content-packed morning, where you will come away with fresh ideas, valuable insights and new networks. 

As an expert in time management who has delivered training for the likes of BT Local, the mental health charity Mind and NHS CCGS, I’ll be giving a talk on this topic, which will give you new ideas and tools to support your staff/ members. 

You are also going to have an opportunity to pitch a question that you would like to get support from your peers on in our “sharing best practice” section of the morning. 

And of course, this is your chance to make connections with industry peers. 

This is a free event too so all you need to invest is your time! 

You will also receive a free copy of my e-book on “How To Work From Home: Whilst Staying Productive, Healthy and Sane” (PDF copy) as a thank you for attending. 

Agenda for the morning

  • 10 – 10.10am – welcome and intros 
  • 10.10am – 10.30am – redefining work-life balance, workplace wellbeing and what productivity really means  
  • 10.30 – 11.30am networking and sharing best practice “power hour”
  • 11.30 – 11.45 am Alice’s quick tips for productivity and time management within your organisation 
  • 11.45am – 12pm –  closing thoughts and next steps for you/ your organisation

Who is Alice?

I’m a life and success coach, working with individuals and organisations to maximise their time management and mindset so they can maximise their results!

I specialise in time management, helping people to own their time, tasks and to do lists to boost productivity, progress and purposefulness. I combine this expertise with mindset and neuroplasticity, to help you fully understand your behaviours and habits so you can make long lasting change! 

I deliver training and coaching packages to forward-thinking organisations who want to support their staff’s wellbeing as well as boost productivity, to create the right environment and mindset for success.

Alice Dartnell expert life coach and energy coach delivering corporate time management productivity workshop London England white blouse red shoes big banner