Goal Setting Clarity Call

Want to make 2020 your most successful year yet? Of course!
But perhaps you’re feeling frustrated, unsatisfied and even worn down by how 2019 went?

Book your complimentary 'Essential Goal Setting Clarity Call' 

This is a 15-minute call with me, a Life and Success Coach, to get your 2020 started strong.

This is THE CALL you need if you want to feel empowered, motivated and confident, allowing you to completely own 2020! You deserve this year to be amazing!


Alice Dartnell Book your complimentary essential 'Goal Setting Clarity Call

This will the best 15 minutes you invest in if you're serious about getting this year off to a good start!

Sound good? Book your complimentary 'Essential Goal Setting Clarity Call' here

In just 15 minutes, we will look at:
1. Your personal discovery/breakthrough to help 2020 be your best year yet
2. Set your 2020 highlights
3. Identify your vital ingredient for success bespoke to you


Whilst 15 minutes isn't that long, I promise I will be able to give you some tangible and practical tips that you can apply right away (and for free). 2020 is a new year, so put 2019 behind you and commit to  making this your best year yet! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain so make your booking right away! 

Sound good? Book your complimentary 'Essential Goal Setting Clarity Call' here

Perhaps like a lot of people 2019 wasn't the year you planned. It may have even left you a touch unmotivated for 2020 or unclear how to get going with your goals. But you don't have to take any feelings of frustration or confusion into this new decade! This call will help identify what to take into 2020 (and not take) as well as identify your personal secret ingredient for success this year just for you! 

(The goal setting clarity call has no obligations and open to all worldwide. The clarity call free bookings are capped owing to diary constraints so be quick!)


In the mean time!

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Book your complimentary 'Essential Goal Setting Clarity Call' here


Here is what others have said about my help... 

“Alice is very down to earth in her approach and is very knowledgeable. She has given me so much useful tips and ideas to improve my time management skills. I would highly recommend her”
Alice Elias on the Time Management MOT 

"I recently attended a confidence and mindset seminar with Alice and it was absolutely brilliant. It has really helped me to take a look at some things I've wanted to work on for a while. Alice has a really relatable way of helping you to understand things and I left the seminar feeling positive and happy - I highly recommend Alice to everyone :)"
Keith Mason, Web Design, Branding, Marketing. Attended "How to Improve your Confidence and Mindset for Success" June 2019  


"Thank you so much Alice for the Time Management training. You know when a training was good when you can apply some of the learnt tools in your day to day approach several days after the training. I am applying some of those tools right now...  10/10 would recommend to everyone, even my 18 year old daughter!"  Sultana Begum, Charity. Attended "Time Management and Boosting Productivity" workshop  June 2019