Your seven-step coaching worksheet to empower you to create the right mindset for success, your goals and happiness

An easy to follow yet hugely powerful and impactful coaching sheet from Alice Dartnell

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Whatever your goal or desire, your mindset is the key to making that happen. As American Writer Steve Maraboli said,“Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it”. How true.

I know your mindset has the power to make or break your goals. From my first-hand experience of transforming my own life, to working with clients on their goals, I have seen that when you can master your mindset, you can master any goal.

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This is not about never having a bad day or jumping for joy every minute of the day. Nor is about being perfect or never having a negative thought ever again (as nice as that would be, it’s not realistic). Your ‘success mindset’ is about getting away from a simplistic black and white view that you either can or can’t do something or seeing things as success Vs failure. Your ‘success mindset’ is knowing that you can do it, you are capable, that you are worthy…. working on your mindset will make that your reality.

This worksheet is a simple but powerful seven-step process designed to help you create the right mindset whatever your goal. Use it on one area you are focusing on, and if there are multiple goals you want to focus on, then repeat it as many times as you need!

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