Being so passionate about empowering people to create a life by design, I LOVE to share my message though my talks.


Whist I always believe it is important to be professional and always giving your best, my style is very down-to-earth which makes my talks super relatable for people from all walks of life and my raw, honest approach to what I say is what allows people to have those “aha” lightbulb moments when they listen to my content.


So, if you are looking for someone that is going to light up your audience then let’s chat to see how I can support you and your audience whether that is with a talk, interview, blog or as podcast guest.

Alice Dartnell London Life Coach business workshop life coach

Here is what others are saying...

“Alice is super friendly and a great speaker who engages participants.  Lovely, insightful and engaging talk on time management with laughs from participants – book her people!”

Talk: “Mastering your Time Management”

Ruth-Ellen Danquah  

Coach & Co-Founder of Dyslexic Success UK

“We had the pleasure of having Alice speak at one of our virtual BBO PA Network events. Alice really brought such a positive energy to the evening and was so generous with her time and knowledge. Alice shared a multitude of practical tips which we can use day to day as she explained exactly what confidence is and is not, along with talking us through imposter syndrome. She was a real asset to our network, and we cannot wait to work with her again soon!”

Talk: “How to Harness your Confidence”

Sarah Howson  

Founder of BBO PA Network

“Alice provides fantastic online talks. We asked her to give our first guest talk on our online platform (The Bien Etre Circle) as we knew she was fail-safe and would do an incredible job, and she delivered! Alice always provides really insightful content, but what I love most about her talks is her authenticity and infectious energy. Her talks are never boring and she really knows how to get people talking and interacting with her. I’d really recommend her to anyone looking for someone to give a quality talk!”

Talk: “Power of Visualisation” 

Beth O’Brien-Gore

Businessowner, Founder Bien Etre wellness platform and community

“Alice was a brilliant guest on The Feminist Plate podcast. She was enthusiastic throughout the whole process and even offered to come onto the podcast a second time round to chat about her experiences and learning curves in more detail. I know my podcast guests are going to gain so much from the episode and she is a pleasure to work with.”

Yasmine Al Naimi

The Feminist Plate Podcast


“Alice is down to earth, an affable professional who no doubt will bring heaps of energy to any project. As an experienced professional, she’s not afraid to question the status quo and will provide you with tips worth taking note of.” 

Tiffany Trethowan

Myself Included Podcast

“Alice led a great Energy Management workshop for my online retreat members. We all got so much from it – practical tips and insights as well as a great discussion around how to tailor your week to work for you personally. Alice was insightful, understanding and clearly passionate about this topic. Thank you Alice!”

Talk : CALM Retreat: Mastering Your Time Management With “Energy Management”

Lauren Roberts

Business Owner, Founder Moon Mentor

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