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"Alice is super friendly and a great speaker who engages participants.  Lovely, insightful and engaging talk on time management with laughs from participants – book her people!"

Ruth-Ellen Danquah, coach and co-founder of Dyslexic Success UK 

Unlike a lot of life coaches, I actually offer my expertise and services beyond 1-2-1 clients in order we can empower your team and business to maximise capabilities, productivity, and wellbeing.  

Training at work often gets a bad reputation amongst staff as being dry, an unnecessary time out of a busy work schedule, and not something that actually supports progress or personal development (and let’s not forget that most people hate the usual death-by-PowerPoint).  

If you are looking for something different for your organisation and staff’s learning and development, then I invite you to see whether one of my workshops or talks is what you need!  

All workshops are:  

  • Bespoke to your needs (no ‘off the shelf’ training)  
  • Tailored to your staff  
  • Engaging, motivational, and inspires action through practical solutions  
  • Uses coaching techniques rather than classic “tell you what to do” training (which doesn’t work as one size does not fit all) 
  • Supported with administration by myself/team if you need (such as showing your staff the value in attending, mapping content to their needs, booking systems, etc)  

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Here’s what has been said by attendees from previous organisational workshops. 


Alice is a wonderful trainer… The staff team highly regarded Alice’s training and really appreciated her style and passion for our work… If you are looking for any training, I would recommend that you contact her and discuss your needs 

Michelle Kabia  

CEO Mind in Tower Hamlets and Newham 

I left the workshop feeling inspired and highly motivatedof course, my mindset feels reset. During the workshop, I took many good inspiring notes. Thank you again and I look forward to the next zoom workshop.”  

Chris Breiner, Business Owner, PreConVision, London. 

“Mindset Reset” workshop for The East London Business Place  


Popular workshops and talks have included:  

  • Mindset Reset 
  • Mindset, Mood, and Motivation 
  • How to Work from Home, Whilst Staying Productive, Healthy, and Sane  
  • Time Management for busy teams  
  • Coaching for the Best Me 
  • Communications and Mindset for you Team  


All workshops and talks are bespoke and tailored to you, your staff, and organisation, so even if you don’t a workshop with the title that you need, let’s have a chat to see what we can create for you!  

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Here’s what has been said by attendees from previous organisational workshops.  

Karen Habershon, Chiropractor and Business Owner, London. 

“Mindset Reset” workshop for The East London Business Place  

“Extremely useful – it taught me how to allocate my time and relieve stress. I found Alice very engaging”.  

Natasha Tomlin, 

Time Management Workshop for Lambeth CCG , September 2019.