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Hey there lovely!

Are you ready for an interactive and immersive coaching experience and event unlike any other? 

Get ready for the event of the year that is going to fill you with inspiration, leave you feeling energised and give a healthy kick to the booty so you can take action to create YOUR ‘Life by Design’. 👯‍♂️👯‍♂️👯‍♂️

🚫 This event isn’t going to be your typical “rock up, listen in, take notes all day, and come home and forget about it” type of event! 🚫

You are going to leave this one-day event feeling inspired, supported, powerful, energised and ready to make sh!t happen. 


And I promise you that this feeling will continue long after we hug goodbye after an epic day together! 

I have been to too many events and workshops where I feel so pumped up and inspired on the day… and then I come home, the feeling fizzles out quicker than a wet sparkler, I miss the connections I made, and I don’t even know where to start on implementing all the good ideas!


This is the event for your calendar if you want to create your ‘Life by Design’

❤️ Make those changes

💜Feed off the energy of like-minded souls

🩵 Benefit from fresh ideas

💚Make genuine connections

💛Expand your thinking

Welcome to YOUR uplevel!

But HURRY! Because places at this event are limited!


Alice Dartnell Life Energy Management Coach Consultant Create Transform Mindset Your Life by Design Event London 2024 Orange Dress

You were not meant to sit at your laptop all day, plugging away on your own, being a slave to your to-do list and life’s demands. 

You are meant to be creating a life by design! Living on your terms, doing the things you want to do and spending your precious time & energy on the things that matter to you)

You are the creator or your reality and life by design… but you have to be proactive.

You have to:

👊 Go out there and go after it

👊 Do things that are going to expand your thinking and being

👊 Share your ideas and be in the energy of like-minded souls

👊 Break down the fear, limiting beliefs and BS stories in your mind

👊Raise your self-awareness and learn the success habits that are going to work for you (there isn’t a one size fits all) and how to work it into your life



I know this can be easier said than done, which is why I am here to help! To be your coach, cheerleader and challenger, helping you create your life by design, not by default!

This is EXACTLY what this event is going to give you!

The techniques you need to know ➕ on the spot coaching & support ➕ exercises to raise your awareness ➕ a renewed energy ➕practical actions & next steps ➕ supportive community of like minded souls!


To be honest, there is too much to share on one landing page lovely but let me give you a lil’ sneak peek at the game-changing topics we are coaching on… 👀

Expect high energy, value packed content and practical theories that are going to energise you into taking action IMMEDIATELY!

Plus, lots of practical hands on exercises, on the spot coaching and no BS support from me that’s going to blow your mind and change the way you think!

Yep, I love my neuroscience because if we don’t change our thinking, we can’t change our actions and habits right?  🧠

Alice Dartnell Life Energy Management Coach Create Transform Your Life by Design Event London 2024 Orange Dress

Part 1: The tools and techniques that will empower your day for success

If you want to create a Life by Design you have to be intentional. Take control. Be proactive. And that means using empowering tools and techniques that are going to set up your day for success!

Part 2: Creating your ‘Life by Design’ – what does this actually include?

Let’s get clear on this because if you don’t have a crystal clear vision of this, how are you going to create it?

Part 3: Breaking away from anything that isn’t serving you

It’s time to say goodbye and let go of the BS holding us back 👋 Here you will explore the common ‘leaks’ and ‘blocks’ you need to break away from if you really want to create the life you want and achieve your goals! You will be exploring

·      The leaks holding you back (internally and externally)

·      The time and energy drains on your life that are stopping you create a ‘Life By Design’

·      How to harness the power of positive self-talk for success (because negative self talk isn’t serving you and is wasting your time) 

Part 4: “The mindset upgrade”(controversial – the usual mindset stuff might not be enough!)

Mindset is super important – we all know that. But the usual mindset work doesn’t always work! 😵‍💫 Welcome to your mindset upgrade with three techniques that are going to turbocharge your mindset, change how you see yourself and the world to break through your limiting beliefs and take things to the next level 🚀

Part 5:  Time Management, Energy Management & Habit strategies to achieve your goals 

You can have the best mindset and the most exciting goals with a solid plan… but if you can’t manage your most valuable resources (your time and energy) then you will struggle to achieve your goals and take things to the next level!

You will learn: 

  • My 5 Laws of time management
  • How create your bespoke plan so you can you start improving your time management in order that you can step up/ take a step forward

Oh and thrown into this cocktail of amazingness, let’s not forget…

💖 A chance to share your goals and/or biz services on the “sharing is caring” board so you can support one another and grow your network

🍽️ A delicious lunch

🫂 Connecting with like-minded souls

🛍️ Exciting goody bag

🎁 Prizes to be won


Alice Dartnell 'Life By Design' Live In-Person Event London 10th June 2024 Standing orange dress

This is the event for you if you’re… 

  • Entering a new chapter
  • Creating an “uplevel” and taking things to the next level
  • Wanting to ‘step up and step forward’ into your goals and make visible progress
  • Creating new changes and habits
  • A lover of personal development, new experiences and to meet like minded people
  • Looking for a way to inject some fresh energy and inspiration into your life



The venue is in South London opposite Tooting Bec Underground Station.

🌍  Tooting Bec, London

🚉  Tooting Bec Underground Station

📆  Monday 10 June 2024

⏰  10am – 5.30pm


Scroll below for details how to get to the event!




Check out just some of the amazing comments, wins and feedback from the amazing people that have said YES to investing in themselves and working with me as their coach! 💕💕💕

Alice Dartnell - life coach and consultant - time management expert, energy management, mindset and coach - time management, energy management and productivity. online time management courses. Motivational Speaker. Author.


This event isn’t going to be your typical “rock up, listen in, take notes all day, and come home and forget about it” type of event.

This is going to be: 


We’ll be working together: sharing, learning from one another and supporting each other.


You’ll have plenty of opportunities to make beautiful connections with everyone in our informal and friendly setting. Plus, a chance to share your services and/ or goals on the “sharing is caring” notice board. 


I have practical ‘exercises’ for us to go through so you can dig deep into the learnings and make them applicable to YOU and your goals #BespokeLearning


Yes, it is going to fire you up, fill you with inspiration and make you feel like you can take on the world on the day, BUT I know that can quickly fizzle out when you get home and think “erm, that was great, and I have all this info… but where do I start?” Not on my watch l so you leave knowing HOW to implement what you have been inspired by! 



All this amazing content and a full-day London workshop including lunch is just £333!

HURRY! Because places are limited!


Tooting Bec Underground Station is on the Northern Line. There are underground train every 5-minutes between London and Tooting Bec Station.You will see the Wheatsheaf pub directly opposite the station.

1. From King’s Cross St. Pancras
Take the Victoria Line to Stockwell & Change to the Northern Line.  Journey Time 30-minutes

2. From London Bridge
Take the Northern Line direct to Tooting Bec. Journey Time 20-minutes

3. From Liverpool Street
Take the Central Line to the Bank & change to the Northern Line.  Journey Time 33-minutes

4. From Paddington
Take Circle Line to Victoria
Take the Victoria Line to Stockwell & change to the Northern Line. Journey Time 40-minutes

5. From Waterloo
Take the Northern Line direct to Tooting Bec. Journey Time 20-minutes

Alice Dartnell - life coach and consultant - time management expert, energy management, mindset. online time management courses. Speaker. Author. Columnist. Writer. In person event London. The wheatsheaf Tooting Bec.


Before being a coach, specialising in time management, energy management and mindset, I had a very different relationship and approach to my time management in the past…

The old Alice was a perfectionist and people pleaser (never a good combo 😥), so I would take on everything, playing superwoman. In my attempt to maximise life, I compromised me –my health, wellbeing, mental and physical health and I definitely was unnecessarily anxious, snappy and ratty with the people around me. 😡

I felt guilty if I wasn’t doing something –I had this desperation to be productive all the time –which meant slowing down, chilling or resting wasn’t something I did. I even sacrificed my sleep in a bid to get more hours in the day. Opps🥱

I was always multi-tasking and rushing from one thing to another, my mind was scattered and I literally ran from one meeting to another at work and in my personal life. 🏃🏻‍♀️ I didn’t even watch TV because I claimed “I didn’t have time for that”.

On the outside it looked like I was shit hot at time management –I was methodical, planned ahead, meal prepped, always met deadlines, was the person in charge of organising everything, was on time for meetings. I had “great work life balance” as I clocked off at work at 5pm, an amazing social life, and I had time to go to the gym! 🏋🏻‍♀️

But inside, it was chaotic. I was anxious, felt like I had to be productive all the time, was always ‘on’ and couldn’t switch off…😵‍💫 I inevitably burnt out in 2019 in my early 30s.

This is why I am on a mission to help empower you with your time management –but not in the traditional sense of just managing tasks and doing more. But managing your energy, achieving your goals and creating the life you want.


Tickets to this event are ‘non-refundable’. This is because places at the event are limited & the venue, catering & event materials have to be paid for in advance by the organiser.

If the Event is cancelled the organiser then the they will only issue a full refund for the ticket.

There will be a photographer on the day for the purposes of Alice Dartnell Limited’s social media. Please inform us in advance if you do not wish to be part of this.