Well done for taking action for you, your future self, and for your goals! I am so excited that you are wanting to be a part of the upcoming 3-month goal focussed mastermind and experience, “Create your Clarity” 


Whatever 2020 has brought you, I want to make sure you start 2021 with a bang! Let’s take control and get those goals! I am here to support you 100% of the way!

Whilst goal setting sounds easy, the scary truth is that the majority of people are not living a fulfilled life. 


Perhaps you are trying to go for your goals but not quite getting there, or perhaps you don’t even know what your goals are! Maybe you have a few things in mind, but you haven’t actually taken the time to properly set them (and you don’t know how to)!


This is your epic three month mastermind programme, which includes

  • a ’mastermind session’ to help you establish and set your goals to ensure you set goals that excite, inspire and motivate you
  • an understanding into the common pitfalls and what is holding you back from clarity, action and success, and support and coaching from meso you can overcome that! 
  • the opportunity to receive hands-on personal coaching and feedback on your goals and actions throughout the whole of Q1 2021  
  • coming away with a solid, doable action plan 

The Goals Mastermind 2021 is for anyone that

  • Wants more but doesn’t know how to achieve it on their own
  • Has ideas about their goals but has no idea how to set them
  • Isn’t achieving their goals at the progress that they want to

If you have nodded along to ANY of those, then this is for you!

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This mastermind session is in two parts:

  • Part one is about sharing my expertise with you about how to really set goals, potential pitfalls and how to excel at your goals. This will give you a deeper understanding of the foundations, failing points and future proofing your success
  • Part two is then over to you – this is your chance to work on your goals, setting them and coming away with an action plan. You’ll also have an opportunity to discuss your goal in a small, intimate mastermind group.



I want to ensure you are fully supported to take your goals into 2021! This mastermind programme also includes:

  • Unlimited support and access to me via a whatsapp support group for additional coaching, resources and motivation for the WHOLE of Q1 2021
  • THREE monthly group coaching calls in January, February and March 2021 to ensure you’re on track with your goals and provide any extra support you need 



"I met Alice when networking and I truly believe everything happens for a reason and that people come to you when you need also. I have been trying to identify what I want out of life both personally and within the business but have been struggling with this. When I saw the mastermind course I had a feeling that this was right for me and then after a chat with Alice, I knew I needed support with going back to basics and setting the scene for my desires and to build my own life by design. I truly can’t wait to get started."
Alison Newcombe
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So what are we covering Alice?

In part one of the mastermind, we’re covering the foundations and success principles of goals.

  • How to actually set goals that excite you
  • Your goals and your values
  • What might trip you up in your journey and what you can do to prevent that from happening 
  • Visualisation and vision boards
  • Time management tips to keep up consistency, avoid burnout and know what time frames will work for your goals
  • Setting into your new identity
  • The common pitfalls in achieving your goal
  • Two ingredients you need which we forget about

Part two is all about you and your goals – this is your opportunity to set your goals and come away with a road map for success!

All this, plus of course the guidance and support from me as your coach!

This Goals Mastermind is for those who want a place for

  • Encouragement
  • Accountability
  • Supportive challenge
  • Personal and professional growth
  • Fresh perspective




For £6.22 a day, are you ready to change your life?



The Dates… 

The mastermind will be approximately three hours on the afternoon of Wednesday 9th December so please mark this off in your calendar now!


January group coaching session: Tuesday 12th @ 7pm – 8.30pm UK time 

February group coaching session: Thursday 11th @ 5 – 6.3pm UK time 


March group coaching session: Tuesday 9th @ 6 – 7.30pm UK time