Coaching is a powerful way to help you achieve your goal(s), taking you from where you are now, to where you want to be. In order to achieve your best results, the more I understand your goals and where you want to go, the more I can empower you, help you get what you desire and transform your life. Please be as open and honest as you can and write as much as you want (you can expand the box and create more!) but please don’t feel pressured in to writing down anything you don’t want to.

(Please note that all information is kept strictly confidential, will not be shared, and I adhere to the GDPR)

  • Please complete the table below to share with me where you currently are in your life in relation to your goals and what your desired situation is. Remember, the more you write, the more I will understand how we can work together.

  • Current situation or difficulties at the momentWhat impact is that having on you?What is your desired situation - What do you want to be, do or have? 
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