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Whilst 15 minutes isn't that long, I promise I will be able to give you some tangible and practical tips that you can apply right away (and for free) to help you become more efficient, better organised and do more. We'll jump straight into it when the call starts, as I want you to get the most from your call. 

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I love hearing from happy people I have helped... 

"I recently attended a confidence and mindset seminar with Alice and it was absolutely brilliant. It has really helped me to take a look at some things I've wanted to work on for a while. Alice has a really relatable way of helping you to understand things and I left the seminar feeling positive and happy - I highly recommend Alice to everyone :)" Keith Mason, Web Design, Branding, Marketing. Attended "How to Improve your Confidence and Mindset for Success" June 2019 


"Thank you so much Alice for the Time Management training. You know when a training was good when you can apply some of the learnt tools in your day to day approach several days after the training. I am applying some of those tools right now...  10/10 would recommend to everyone, even my 18 year old daughter!"  Sultana Begum, Charity. Attended "Time Management and Boosting Productivity" workshop  June 2019 


"Helpful and informative event. Alice was really knowledgeable and had practical tips" Amy Miller, Pharmacist. Attended "Next Level You – Confidence, Mindset and Self-sabotage", July 2019 


"Very engaging… it taught me how to allocate my time and relieve stress" Natasha Tamlin – receptionist. Attended  "Time Management and Productivity" workshop September 2019