Your simple check list for creating your perfect daily structure empowering you to master your time management, reach your goals and create a life by design.

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An easy to follow yet hugely powerful and impactful coaching sheet from Alice Dartnell

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Creating your perfect daily structure is crucial for creating your life by design, rather than living and going about your day by default. It is about fitting in everything you want to do (not just what you have to do). This is your life, you deserve to live it how you want in every area of your life-from your health to your hobbies, from time spent with loved ones to your career/business.


Good time management isn’t about fitting everything in, it’s about fitting in what is important to you and your goals! Structure gets a bad reputation for being rigid but the key to structuring your day and time successfully is including the key things that matter to YOU (whether that is for work, your health, family etc) and moving them around to fit optimally in your day.


I like to think of time management like a jigsaw, where you can move the ‘pieces’ about to fit the best way possible, rather than a regimented routine that looks the same, day in and day out. Remember, the purpose is to create a life by design, not by default. Take control of how you use your time!


One of the keys to successful time management, owning your day and feeling like you’ve had a productive day is creating a great structure and being organised. I have created this checklist for you to help you optimise your time in a way that works for you and your goals.